6D Question About Shutter Priority

by Larry

Canon 6D

Canon 6D

My 6D in Tv mode does not control the aperture, but I can set the aperture. This is normally set according to what speed I select. Is there a function that I have changed to prevent the auto settings or do I have a malfunction?


Hi Larry from Rocklin,

Thanks for asking a question about shutter priority (Tv) mode on your Canon EOS 6D. Sorry, I'm confused as to what's actually happening. "Tv" mode will let you set the desired shutter speed and yes, the 6D camera will choose the correct f/stop to give you the proper exposure, based on the lighting situation and the ISO setting you're using.

Feel free to comment back if this doesn't help.

Thank you,

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TV AV and manual
by: Stephen BP

Stephen BP:Your Tv is working exactly as designed. The whole point is for you to set the shutter speed and the camera then chooses the aperture to give you a workable exposure.
The Av does the opposite. You choose the aperture (for example to give the depth of focus that you want) then the camera selects the shutter speed to give a correct exposure.
The real fun starts when you select M. You then select aperture and shutter speed. I if you set ISO to automatic the camera will select the ISO to allow to use your chosen settings.
The biggest problem that this may give is that a very high ISO may be selected. I don’t use your camera but I suspect that if you go higher than ISO 6000 you will start to get very grainy pictures. I shoot in M most of the time now. As a shoot birds in flight I need a fast shutter plus reasonable depth of focus so for example 1/2000 sec and f/8.

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