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Canon Geek Updates - New Camera Rumor and More
March 16, 2015

Rumored 5D Mark IV

The top rumor right now in Canon Land is the newest version of the 5D, this one named the 5D Mark IV. Possible announcement at the end of 2015.

Release might be delayed until brisk sales of the 5D Mark III slow down-Canon doesn't want to interfere with that!

Nothing earth-shattering over the 5D Mark III, but the Mark IV would appeal to serious video photographers with 4K resolution, anti-flicker, and dual pixel auto-focus III.

Why I Love my G1X Mark II Viewfinder

It's a pricey way to carry a compact camera, but my Canon G1X Mark II is my favorite take-it-with-me camera.

The EVF viewfinder is great because:
1. It's always bright, whether you're out in the sun or shooting in a dark situation where it would be challenging to compose a photo or shoot video.

2. The electronic viewfinder can be overlaid with all the information I like to see in "real time" like shutter speed, f-stop, and the histogram.

For Bird Geeks

For those who want to learn some tips on bird photography and how to set Canon cameras for the best results
Bird Photo Tips on Youtube.

Feel free to give me feedback on what you want to hear about

I appreciate it.

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