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Canon 70-200 f/4 L lens

Canon 70-200 f/4 L lens

Canon 70-200 f/4 L lens
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"When you put a L lens on a cheap Canon body does it really make the photo better?"

Thanks for your question!

The Really quick answer is yes! Of course. But, there is always a "BUT"

Lens Factors That Make a Difference

If you think about it, every single ray of light must travel through the lens to the sensor to take a photo. The lens is the medium through which all of the "information" must travel to create all photographs.

Canon L lenses producer sharper images with better contrast and fewer defects than non-L lenses. Particularly with newer digital cameras, the sensors and software are so advanced that the lens can often be the weakest link in the chain.

And now for the but.......

1. How you view the photo matters. If you are viewing a small image on the web you may not be able to tell if a Canon "L" lens was used or not. If you do a zoomed-in, side-by-side comparison between a cheap lens and an L lens, you may be able to notice differences, particularly with sharpness.

2. How cheap the camera is matters. Early on in digital photography land, sensors were a big factor in image quality. In 1981, the sensor of the Sony Mavica was 300,000 pixels. That's only 1/3 of a megapixel, not enough to get a good photo with any lens for sure.

It's a bit subjective, but within the last several years, even with high-end, point and shoot cameras, sensors are so good now that the lenses have become the differences in image quality.

3. The type of lens matters. Average quality prime lenses (lens that are a single focal length and don't zoom) are much sharper, have less distortion, and very little chromatic aberration, compared to a wide-range, zooming L lens.

4. Your preferences matter the most.If you're shooting photos with a cheap camera to post on Facebook or share via email, save your money and stick with an average lens.

If image quality is important, you have a good quality Canon DSLR, you're entering a photo contest, or you want to print something nice to display in your home, then invest in a Canon L lens and you'll enjoy its performance with your current camera, as well as an upgraded Canon camera in the future.

Good Luck. Hope that helps


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