AE lock

by Jenny

Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D

"I'm having trouble with the AE lock on my 6D. This is a setting/ button that I've never explored previously.

Near the end of a shoot yesterday, I went to grab a few extra shots and noticed that pressing the shutter halfway didn't engage the autofocus. The active autofocus square typically illuminates in the viewfinder while focusing on said point. What I did notice was the AE asterisk...letting me know it was engaged. Not sure how it became activated but I chalked it up to the camera hanging across my body and somehow a button was depressed.

I finish shoot and attempt to figure out what I accidentally made happen when I got home. Upon reading my manual and searching online, it should clear on its own, but that isn't the case. Have any words of wisdom? I'm crossing my fingers that I overlooked something.

BTW, the lens remained in the AF position. I've turned the camera off/ on, removed the battery, cleared the custom functions, changed lenses...


Thanks Jenny for your question for the Canon Camera Geek.
You've done the right thing by going to the 6D manual as a starting point, followed by searching on-line.

I've had no personal experience with the Canon EOS 6D with respect to the AE lock, so I can't personally advise you.

I've sometimes gotten good results from telephoning the Canon service center directlywhen I have a question, although they frequently encourage you to just send in your camera for an overhaul.

You can also post in forums, but that is very time consuming.

You might also try joining one of the Facebook groups , dedicated to the 6D. You can copy and paste one of these groups and request to join. Then you are posting your question in a group that has a good knowledge base on 6D cameras.

Facebook 6D groups: or

Good luck and please respond back so I know how you made out and I can post for others to benefit.

Thank You!

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