Camera guide book for Canon Powershot G1X mark II (not the manual)

by Terence

G1X Mark II User Guide

G1X Mark II User Guide

"Hi Bruce,
I just wondered if you knew of a guide book for the above?"

Hi Terence,

Thanks for visiting the site and thanks for your question about the G1X Mark II.
Unfortunately, no one has taken up the task of writing a good book on the G1X Mark II. Canon's G1X Mark II User guide is the only thing for you to refer to. It's available in printed form as well as a PDF file.

I really like my Mark II, as you might know if you've browsed my site much, but the camera has not done as well, in terms of sales, as Canon would have like.

There likely isn't enough demand to spark someone's interest in writing one.

There are a few videos on the G1X Mark II on Youtube, but they not give you the specific information you're trying to find.

Good Luck,

P.S. Here's a highly rated book on the original G1X. I would imagine much of what is in it would be helpful: David Busch's Canon PowerShot G1 X Guide to Digital Photography

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Written by Bruce Lovelace

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