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by Nicole

Hello! So I've been searching for a great while to find some affordable alternatives to improve my sports photography. I recently started to take on field pictures for a women's professional soccer team in NJ. I currently have been using my Canon 70D with my Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6. I'm not sure if I should invest in a better lens with a lower f/stop, or get a teleconverter. Do you have any suggestions? Also, do you have any suggestions about rainproofing? I bought something at a photography store, but it was a little difficult to maneuver the lens with it.

Ni Nicole,

Thanks for your questions. There are several factors that affect the answer, the biggest being the money you are willing to invest.

The Canon 70D is really a great camera, particularly with respect to its dual pixel technology on the sensor. Since it is an APS-C sized sensor you can get more affordable telephoto lenses then the full-sized sensor camera options. The burst rate of 7 frames per second also is great for sports photography.

I am not a fan of teleconverters at all for sports photography because of all of the light you lose. The 1.4x loses a full f-stop and the 2x loses two stops of light. There are also compatibility issues with many zoom lenses. The teleconverters work best with "prime" (non-zooming) lenses.

Here is the specs on the Canon extenders: Canon Extender pdf page

If you can swing the $xx,xxx.xx for a new Canon super telephoto, you cannot beat the performance or quality.

I purchased this lens Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM Super Telephoto Lens
because it is so much more affordable than the faster lenses. I love its sharpness over the entire aperture range. It is not a true "sports" lens because of the maximum f-stop of f5.6 but with the high ISO capabilities, you can get your shutter speed up to those 1/750 second range which you need with professional sports. Canon 400 f5.6 Lens

Professional soccer coverage really requires a lot of glass to do it "professionally" because of the extremely large field, the distance between you and the athletes, and the speed of the action.

Although it's a great lens you don't get enough of a jump in power by going from your 70-300 to the Canon 100-400 in my opinion. The big step is to get the power of a 500mm or 600mm lens. The used ones are $6000.00 on Amazon.

I know some sports photographers seek used super telephotos on ebay, but you need to be careful of the sellers you deal with.

As far as rain protection, I've seen several systems, but I have personally never used any. I've only shot high school sports in bad weather and I simply used an umbrella and shot with my camera mounted on a monopod in one hand and the umbrella in my other hand.

Hope that helps!

Good Luck!

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Thorough answer
by: Anonymous

Good answer to the question about a good sports lens for the Canon 70D

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