Canon Camera Upgrade to 5D Mark IV Or EOS R Mirrorless

by Frank
(Main Line, Pa )

Canon 5d Mark IV - EOS R Size Comparison

Canon 5d Mark IV - EOS R Size Comparison

"Was about to upgrade to a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV but saw the release notice on the new mirrorless full frame. Have a bunch of Canon and third party lens that I like. I don't really use video so that not part of the decision.

Any thoughts on which way I should go?"

Hi Frank,
Thanks for your questions about choosing to upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark IV or a Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera. The quick answer is that I'd go with the EOS R mirrorless. It's more affordable and it has the advantage of two more years of technology built into it. I don't know what you're upgrading from, but there are 3 main reasons why I think you should go with the mirrorless.


1. MONEY MONEY MONEY. The EOS R is almost $1000 cheaper. That could easily buy you a lot of accessories, like one of the unique mirrorless lens adapters or another mirrorless lens.

2. THE PROCESSOR. The EOS R has a digic 8 processor. The 5D Mark IV has a Digic 6+. With the EOS R you get a camera that is two years newer.

3. THE WEIGHTThe Canon EOS R weighs about 25% less than the 5D Mark IV. Additional advantages when comparing the Canon 5D Mark IV vs. the Canon EOS R mirrorless cameras:

-Number of focus points
-LCD screen resolution
-Screen articulation


1. YOUR LENSES. You have a collection of full frame lenses that already fit the 5D Mark IV without the need for an adapter.

2. THE JOYSTICK It's one of my most used buttons on my 5D Mark III. I like the convenience of using the joystick. Probably not a big deal, just would take a little time to get used to the different control buttons on the EOS R.

Frank, please let me know what you decide on. I love to get reader feedback for the good of all the Canon Camera Geek readers.


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