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In reply to you Bruce!
by: Terry

"In reply to your comment Bruce, I didn't actually swop my Canon G1x mark II for my Canon EOS M5. That was a figure of speech I'm afraid, sorry for any misunderstanding! I got around £350 for the G1X II, along with around £320 for my Olympus stylus 1. So quite a big chunk of dosh towards the M5! Thanks for your opinions about the lenses, however I still think maybe a wider lens would be better for Landscape work, I suppose the 15-45mm would do it, although it might be pushing it a bit! Oh by the way the M5 has duel pixel too! I think the G1X mark III is pretty nifty too, but Canon have reduced the focal length from 120mm to 72mm! Why do they do it? give you something in one hand and take it back with another! Anyway the M5 feels good in the hand, and like you my cameras must have a viewfinder! I'll be sure to keep you updated with my progress. All the best.

Please do keep us updated on your opinion of the M5. Canon got a lot of things right in this version of mirrorless, dual pixel and APS-C sensor.

I was disappointed too that the lens on the G1X Mark III was downsized. Likely they had to compromise on the zoom range to put everything else together.

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