Canon G12 repair

by Blake
(New Jersey)

Canon G12 Camera

Canon G12 Camera

"Hi Bruce,

I have a Canon G12 camera which takes pictures with a dark blotchy spot on each picture. The blotch is larger and somewhat lighter if the lens zoom is used. I understand it might be dust or moisture on the sensor which would require disassembly to repair it. Is the camera worth having repaired and if so, do you recommend any place?



See Update below

Hi Blake,

Thanks for your question about the Canon Powershot G12!

Hard to believe that camera is now almost 7 years old. I had a G11(very similar) for several years and really liked how portable it was, the ability to shoot RAW format, and the fact that it has a hot shoe.

But, onto your question. It is very unlikely that your problem is with your G12 sensor, Since the dark spot size changes when you zoom, it is more likely a smudge of some kind on or within your lens.

Without seeing a sample photo, it is hard for me to judge. If you want to send me one that would help.

I'll assume you've checked the front surface of your lens and that it is clean and scratch free. For all the readers, here's an article on how to Clean Your Camera Lens.

To see how crazy it is to dis-assemble a Canon G12, check out this video on Youtube. You can see how involved it would be to repair a camera lens on a G12. Usually repairs like this for cameras at this level are not worth doing. You can call the folds at the Canon factory repair center. I've found them to be very helpful. They're in New jersey at (866) 510-1335.

If you're really in love with the G12 camera, it would be better to just buy a used G12 from someone with a good reputation on Amazon or from ebay, or one of the more recent "G" models. The G15 is maybe 2 years news newer, but not that much of an upgrade, in my opinion. The G16 is only 4 years old and is a bit more of an upgrade in features, except for the non-tilting LCD screen.

I personally upgraded a huge amount and splurged on a G1X Mark II after selling my G11. I LOVE everything about the camera except for the lack of a built-in viewfinder. My next upgrade is to go mirrorless. Canon's original efforts in the mirrorless camera department were dreadful with the M1 and M2. The M5 and M6 mirrorless versions are very intriguing and I can use my current inventory of lenses (with an adapter) on either one.

Blake, I hope that helps you make your decision. The Canon G12 and some of the other "G" cameras have been somewhat successful digital cameras for enthusiasts like you and me, but you might consider taking advantage of more recent technology.

Please keep in touch and let me know how it turns out for you.

Good Luck!

Canon G12 Question Update

I am not an expert on optics, but this clearly looks like there is a spec or smudge within the optical system of your Powershot G12. I flipped the one photo(so that they are both vertical) to be able to compare the location of the smudge. You can see it is in the same exact place on your images. It becomes more out of focus and larger when the lens has been zoomed. Try aiming a flashlight directly at your lens and see if you can detect anything by looking into your lens very closely, perhaps by using a magnifying glass.

The good news is that your sensor is fine. It's bad news if the smudge is internal within the lens elements, which is unlikely unless. My recommendation is to see if you can get an exact estimate from a qualified repair center. Then you can make a more informed decision based on the cost of repair, and whether to fix or upgrade.

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