Canon G3X electronic viewfinder on the G3X

Canon G3X Camera

Canon G3X Camera

Canon G3X Camera
Canon G3X EVF Viewfinder

How to remove the plastic plate on the bottom of the electronic viewfinder ??

Thanks for your question to the CanonCameraGeek site.

The G3X takes the same electronic viewfinder has my Canon G1X Mark II. I discarded the plastic piece soon after I bought mine. When it's not on my camera, I store the EVF viewfinder in a small pouch, so the postage-sized plastic piece was just a nuisance. It's been a while but I am fairly sure it releases by pushing in the two buttons on the sides of the viewefinder and just slides off.

Feel free to send along a photo if I haven't answered your question properly.

This video might help too: Canon G1X Mark II - G3X EVF Viewfinder


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