Canon G7x Mark II
Reverse LCD Display

by Imogen

Canon G7X Mark II Camera

Canon G7X Mark II Camera

"Hi there,

I’m looking to purchase the g7x mark 2. One major thing is the flip screen/ selfie mode. Does is record as a mirrored image or how my iPhone takes a photo and flips it. Does the reverse display make it mirrored if it’s turned on or off. I personally feel I look ugly in my iPhone camera, as oppose to Snapchat camera which is mirrored, and if this is how my canon camera will show me. I will not buy it.

Please let me know if you can help, thank you so much.

Imogen Shaw"

Hi Imogen,

Thanks for your question about the Canon G7X Mark II Camera LCD screen. It's a flip over screen that will show you the actually view (and photograph in view mode) that the G7X Mark II sees from its point of view. The odd part of this for most of us is that we are accustomed to seeing our reverse image every morning in the bathroom mirror when we brush our teeth.

Our brain gets accustomed to seeing a reverse image in the mirror and it feels quite odd for some of us to see our selves in a non-reversed way. Any "mirror mode" on a digital camera or smartphone that is turned on would give you the same view as you'd get by viewing yourself in a mirror.

Hope that helps.


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