Canon IXUS 255 or Canon SX510 which one is better ?

by Yankeetr

Which camera is better for video recording canon IXUS255 or canon SX510...???

Canon IXUS 255 is newly launched in ixus line up where as SX510 is of the old line up of powershot.

Both are giving tuff competition in comparison.


Hi Yankeetr, thanks for your question.

These two cameras are very different in their size and format which makes it tough to compare. I personally don't enjoy using Elph cameras like the Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS (IXUS 255 HS).

I also much prefer optical viewfinders over using an LCD screen.

That's perhaps my personal bias against how you hold these cameras when shooting. They don't feel like a camera. I've been using slr-type of cameras for 40 years, so change is not easy to come by.

I pretty much only like cameras that have a hot shoe flash as well. With that said, the ELPHs are popular. They are very easy to use, fit in any small pocket and image quality is decent.

The IXUS 255 calculates to a 79% 4-5 CanonGeek rating on amazon. One of the complaints with the "5-way" controller on the 330; the buttons are completely flush with the body, making it a little challenging to adjust.

The second complaint which is a little too common with buyers on amazon about the Canon IXUS 255 camera are with battery and power issues.

Good Luck with your choice of which Canon to buy!

Canon Geek

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