Canon Power Shot N

The Canon Power Shot N is quite a bit different to look at and it feels quite a bit different to hold as well. The question is whether it will catch on as a highly sought after digital camera.

Canon is hoping to appeal to customers who are dissatisfied with their cell phone pictures but still want the ability to share photos right away.

Canon Power Shot N Digital Camera

The PowerShot N has built in Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly transfer your images to social networking sites. It also has a Mobile Device-Direct Connect Button for sharing to a smart phone ( iOS or Android device).

It is quite a different experience to use this camera.  It is very small (3.8 inch x 2.2 inch) and the shutter is on the lens ring. It weighs slightly more than 1/4 pound.

Another difference is the zoom control.  It's actually like the "old days."  You rotate the lens ring to zoom in and out.

Canon PowerShot N - LCD Screen

The 2.8 inch LCD screen tilts up to 90 degrees and serves as a touch panel control.The battery is rated at 200 photos.  My first rule of digital photography is to ALWAYS have an extra battery along with a second memory card.

PowerShot N -  Eco Mode

After a while the LCD will dim if the camera is not used, and then turn off completely after a while longer.  After 3 minutes the entire camera will turn off.  This adds about 40% to the expected battery life.

Canon Power Shot N - Video

This camera does not have a dedicated "Video Mode" so it is real easy to switch to shooting HD video without changing any of the regular camera shooting modes.

Its small size and ease of use makes it a perfect pocket camera that you will actually carry in your pocket and take out and use.  The photos you get will look good on FaceBook and instagram.

This camera is the perfect format for teens and soccer moms who really enjoy ease of use and sharing.  Photography for these users should be all about fun and the design is fresh and unique.

My "Point and Shoot" is the Canon G11, but for many who want simplicity, this could be considered the Best Canon Point and Shoot.  Related topic is what are the best canon powershot accessories.

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