Canon SX620 HS Exposure Not Locking

by Alex
(Los Angeles)

Canon SX620 HS Camera

Canon SX620 HS Camera

When using spot metering and using half press of the shutter, when the frame is moved the exposure continues to adjust!

Is there any way to lock the exposure during half press of the shutter? help! this is the first canon I have ever seen continue to adjust (why even have half press function, Canon?)

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question about the failure of your Powershot SX620 HS to lock the exposure settings when you press the shutter button halfway and recompose your photo. That's unfortunate. To me, that's a desirable feature of having the 1/2 button lock feature on the camera. Although locking the focus is usually discussed as the prime benefit of using the 1/2 shutter button press technique, I agree exposure lock should happen too.

sx620 exposure failure

The SX620 HS manual indicates that the camera setting will appear in orange when the lighting is outside the limits of the camera. I'm assuming your still able to take photos. I'm curious if this breakdown still occurs for area focus setting, rather than spot metering. I don't have a SX620 here to test the behavior, but I doubt that this issue is unique to just your copy of the SX620 HS.

I know that I have the exposure lock working in my Canon DSLRs as well as my G1X Mark II. The SX620 manual specifically talks about exposure lock when the SX620 HS is put in Servo AF Mode, so perhaps that is what you should use instead.

I'm assuming you're using AE mode too. I'm real curious about this one and I hope you can let the readers of this site know what you figure out. The SX620 is only 4 years old at this point, so a firmware update would be available from Canon, too.

Keep in touch,

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by: Anonymous

Turning OFF ServoAF solved it!

I take a significant number of photos in difficult lighting and get dramatic effects by using automatic exposure settings with spot metering on a very bright subject in the center of the frame then frame the scene using those settings maintaining half press of the shutter.

My experience with Canon point and shoot and G series cameras is they are very responsive and offer lots of SLR control. The SX620HS offers no manual mode and if I had not been able to control exposure I would have lost all faith..

Outstanding. Thanks, Bruce!

Great, Glad I could help.- Bruce

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