Digital Rebel XTi Lens Aperture Blades Stuck

by Edda Scheving
(St Albans )

Canon 400D - Digital Rebel XTi

Canon 400D - Digital Rebel XTi

Hey, I was using my canon EOS 400D (T7) when oh t told me there was an error, error 99. I tried what I could to fix it and was unable to at first until after leaving it for a while with the battery and memory card removed, I wa sable to take a picture. This is whe I realised the issue was the aperture blades would not move and seem to he stuck. I don't have any other lenses and I was given this camera by my dad as he did not use it and have only recently gotten into photography. I was wondering if it is worth fixing this myslef or taking it to a shop t oh be repaired? And if I were to get it repaired how much roughly would it cost?
Thank you and sorry to take up any of you time.
Sincerely Edda

Hi Edda, Sorry to hear you're having problems with your Canon 400D (Digital Rebel XTi in the USA) Lens. I don't know what lens you have, but I'm guessing you have a 18-55 kit lens. If the blades in your lens are shot, you should just get a "new" used lens. There are a ton of them available and the are very cheap

Fix Canon 400D (Digital Rebel XTi)

If you have a problem with your XTi (400D) it's definitely not worth fixing. The Rebel 400D XTi came out in 2006. That's a dinosaur in terms of digital cameras and their progression over the last 15 years. Don't misunderstand, it's still a capable APS-C Crop Camera. It's just that a repair would be more than what the camera's worth.

Edda, I'm curious if you can take a photo with your cell phone of what the aperture blades look like.

Good Luck,

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