Filter for SX400IS

by Joaquín
(Madrid, Spain)

Canon Powershot SX4000 IS Camera

Canon Powershot SX4000 IS Camera


I recently got a SX400IS camera. I bought a 40.5mm UV filter to protect the lens, but when it arrived it doesn´t fit, it´s a little smaller than the lens ring. I measured with a caliper an its 41mm wide, it´s right? i can´t find any filter on amazon of this diameter, where i can buy one?


Thanks for your question about filter size for the SX400 IS.

Interesting that no mention of filters is in the specs or accessories in the Canon Powershot SX400 IS manual or on the Canon web site.

This camera has only been around for a few months I think, but long enough for this to be discussed somewhere in the forums of one of the big digital camera review websites.

The SX400 IS has the creative-effect, digital filters built into the camera's software and for a camera at this price level, it is un-likely there will be much of a market for screw-on filters.

I also tried and that didn't help me either.

Did you call Canon directly?

Good Luck

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