Firmware 2.1.2. for the eos 5d mk2

Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 5D Mark II

Hi Bruce,
I admire your initiative with this blog. I found you while searching for a firmware update which Canon do not supply anymore: the 2.1.2. firmware for my EOS 5D II which I bought some time ago second hand. It has the old 2.0.4. Is there a way to acquire it?
With best wishes and thanks,
Diederik Meijer (the Netherlands).

Hi Diederik

Thanks for your question about the 5D II. That one is beyond me. I'd suggest calling Canon directly, if you haven't, and try some specific forums on Canon 5D.

That's a tough one as the 5D Mark II is now becoming "outdated" because of its age and how fast everything becomes obsolete because of the rate of technological advances. I sold my original 5D (Mark I) quite some time ago.

Good Luck

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