g1x (I or II) vs G7X

by Phil
(Farmington ct)

Canon G7x

Canon G7x

Canon G7x
Canon G1x Mark II

I love my g12, it does everything I want with still photography, but my wife does not like the video. With a young active son to "document," the video aspect has to be considered. I don't want a separate video camera, tried that and don't like having multiple machines to carry around and swap etc....

I considered a DSLR but if I want to carry bulk, I'll go back to my Nikkormat, TriX, and bag of really superior optics....

I need a carry-able digital with the panache of my G12....

Options are the above. G1x out of familiarity (grown up G12 not to mention a relative bargain via Amazon) vs. G1x mk II (seems overall superior to the other two) vs. G7x (I like the easy exposure control provided by that ring, as on the G12).

For the $, and given the above, would you still stick to the G1x Mk II?


Phil Smith
F'ton CT

Hi Phil, Thanks for your question on the G1X Mark II and the G7x. Here's my quick answer: I think you will like the G7x better. I am biased toward the G1X Mark II because of it's 1.5 inch sensor, the EVF viewfinder, and for me a necessity: the hot shoe for external flash.

Based on your two comments from above, "I love my G12" and that you don't want to carry "bulk," I think you'll love the pocket-able G7x. Canon really got it right with the G7x when they were able to give you an f/1.8-f/2.8 lens on a one inch sensor. This gives you great shallow depth of field possibilities.

Although it's smaller than DSLR bodies, the G1x Mark II is a very tight squeeze in your average pocket. The G7x is definitely a camera that will fit in a regular pocket.

Neither one of these cameras will give you quiet zooming during video shooting, but both will be a big upgrade in overall video quality over the G12. Neither has stellar battery life, but that can be expected in high-end compact cameras due to size limitations for a battery. I think a spare battery is a must-have accessory.

Both the G7x and G1x Mark ii have small controls on the camera body, also due to their small sizes, but that comes with the territory.

For more opinions, here are the links to reviewers on Amazon who have purchased these two cameras:

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera Reviews

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera Reviews

Either of these cameras are going to create fine images for you. I used a Canon G11(very similar to the G12) for several years and was thrilled with the quality I now get with my G1x Mark II.

I do not recommend the original G1x I at all. I hope this helps you with your decision.

Good Luck!
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