G1x Mark II at Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania

by Bruce
(Gettysburg PA)

Gettysburg cannon shot with Canon G1X Mark II

Gettysburg cannon shot with Canon G1X Mark II

Gettysburg cannon shot with Canon G1X Mark II
Monument at sunrise

I used my G1X Mark II to take a couple of quick photos during a location scouting journey to the famous civil war battlefield in Pennsylvania. It was a 40-minute drive from my campsite and I couldn't come away without clicking the G1X Mark II shutter button at least a few times.

Although I was not thrilled with the lighting, I couldn't resist popping on the EVF Viewfinder and "shooting" a few cannons with my Canon.

It was part of a 3-day weekend to get off the electronic grid, visit the memorials and photograph the battlefield. I knew that I wanted to return in the morning, using that "sweet light" at sunrise and shooting with my APS-C sensor with my Canon EOS 70D

The silhouette of the monument was taken with my EOS 70D the following morning. By the time you read this I've likely posted those 70D photos of the fields, fences , and cannons elsewhere.

Keep on shooting!

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Written by Bruce Lovelace

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