G1X Mark II Photo of Ceiling Art in a Micro Brewery

by Canon Fan
(State College PA)

Ceiling Art - G1X Mark II - State College PA

Ceiling Art - G1X Mark II - State College PA

Ceiling Art - G1X Mark II - State College PA
Ceiling Art - G1X Mark II - State College PA

I rotated the G1X Mark II LCD screen about 180 degrees as if I was taking a selfie portrait.

I set the G1X Mark II on it's back, aiming the lens upward at the ceiling, and adjusted the angle of the camera with a cloth napkin underneath the LCD screen.

It took a few tries to get the angle just right to capture this ceiling art at a brewery in Sate College PA.

I used aperture priority and the camera's self-timer function to make sure I'd get a sharp image.

If you shoot RAW format you can adjust color, tweak the exposure, and modify to create the right effect more readily than if you shoot jpg images.

I usually use the EVF Viewfinder, but this was a case where I really needed the rotating LCD screen.

In the second photo, of the guy dressed in red with the beer hat on, I used essentially the same technique and the exposure was also 1 second long. I decided not to move the camera and used the railing in the lower left hand corner as a framing element in the composition.

I did think the location of the man relative to the location of the ceiling light a bit odd, but I won't delve into that topic any deeper.

Both of these images were cropped down from the original photos into a square format, which I thought were more pleasing compositions.

The biggest benefit of owning the G1X Mark II is the 1.5 inch sensor, its performance in low light (high ISO), and it's ease of taking it anywhere I go.

Shoot more photos.
Watch less TV.

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Written by Bruce Lovelace

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