High Speed Sync 5Dsr And ST-E2

by Dan
(South FLorida)

Canon 5Dsr

Canon 5Dsr

Canon 5Dsr
Canon St-ER Controller


I find a strange thing happening.

While using my 5dsr camera and a 580ex II flash I find that pressing the high-speed sync button on my ST-E2 controller (sitting on my camera), in order to change the high-speed sync to regular sync (1/200) in my camera, (and then, back to high-speed sync) the flash (off camera) switches to Manual from ETTL spontaneously without warning, and I find myself having to check the underexposure frame and go to the flash itself and find it switched to Manual, then I have to press the MODE button for a couple of seconds, and then, it goes back to ETTL.

Please bear in mind that I'm using a ST-E2 module on my camera's hot shoe. This setup works very well most of the time, except when it does this switching (maybe 5-10% of the time.

What might be going on?

Most thankful for your answer, Dan"

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your question about the Canon 5Dsr and ST-e2 controller. Since I have never used this exact combination I can't comment on any of my own personal issues with communication errors between the two. Also, I have not heard of this situation arising with any of the other Canon Geek readers.

I'm sure it's frustrating and is definitely not acceptable to put up with.

Canon 5DSR-St-E2 Help

I'd recommend you contact Canon directly. When I've had issues in the past I've found them extremely helpful.

Good luck and let me know how you make out.


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