Infinity focus on Canon Lens For Nighttime Photography?

by James

Canon Lens Infinity Mark

Canon Lens Infinity Mark

Canon Lens Infinity Mark
Nightime Photography Focus Helper

"Please help! What canon lenses still offer that infinity focus mark for nighttime long exposure?"

Hi James,

Thanks for your question about infinity marks on Canon lenses. I am going to assume that your question is not about Canon lens "infinity compensation marks" that are made to compensate changes in optics that occur from different temperatures. It would help if I knew for sure what subject you are going to be photographing at night to let you know how I'd handle the focusing.

The quick answer is that there is no list of Canon lenses that have the infinity mark. You need to look at each lens individually to determine if it has the mark.



"It helps with autofocus (allowing the autofocus system to go a little beyond infinity while it is trying to find focus) and allows for some designs of non-parfocal 'zooms' (zooms that change their focus when the focal length is changed, correctly called varifocal lenses but commonly called zooms*). Temperature effects are also often mentioned as a reason, and though there are plenty of lenses with hard infinity stops that behave well at temperature extremes, temperature compensation may be needed for physically long lenses that expand lengthwise in the heat - therefore they need to be racked in towards the camera body to achieve infinity focus."


I recommend that you not even look at any marks for focusing when doing nighttime photography. Those markings are not precise and with nighttime photography you're generally shooting at your lens's widest aperture and your depth of field is so narrow. I use a viewfinder magnifier like the one pictured above. It really depends on the exact situation you're in, but if you have an interest in focusing on infinity it's better to do it manually.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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