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"I want to buy macro lens for my canon 30d- i'm a zoomer- which kit is the best to buy, there's so many to choose."

Thanks for your question about a good macro lens for your Canon 30D. It sounds like you've done some research already because you know how many choices there are. Can you give me a little more information on what type of macro photography photo you will be doing and if you have a budget in mind? Are you committed to staying with a Canon lens or are you open to the idea of getting a macro lens that's not made by Canon but is fully compatible?

Affordable Macro Lens For Canon 30D

Your 30D is more than 10 years old, so I wouldn't think you want to sink a lot of money into a brand new, pricey macro lens.

Here are two links, the first an article from another blog I write for and the second to a lens that's made by Tamron. They might give you some insight on what direction to go:
Macro Lens Alternative
Affordable Macro Lens For Canon

Let me know your thoughts.
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