Macro Photo of Violets with G1X Mark II

G1X Mark II was set at f/16 for 1/5 second, manual focus, aperture priority mode.

G1X Mark II was set at f/16 for 1/5 second, manual focus, aperture priority mode.

There are no flowers growing outside n the winter here, so I looked around for another suitable subject to photograph with my Powershot G1X Mark II.

Next to our back door sits a table with a few plants sitting on it. The Christmas cactus is just getting ready to bloom (6 days til Christmas) but these violets have had these flowers for quite some time.

I moved the flower pot into out kitchen where there are two sets of double-hung windows, one pair on each side of a corner of the room.

Soft natural light streams in from both sides and it makes a perfect situation for natural lighting and I've shot macro photos here on quite a few occasions.

I set my G1X Mark II onto my tripod and took this photo using the macro setting with manual focusing and the timer set for a ten second delay.

In my opinion manual focusing is THE ONLY WAY to shoot macro. I used the self timer because exposure was 1/5 of a second. Although the tripod is quite steady, any slight camera movement from pressing the shutter at this close distance will surely cause some degree of un-sharpness.

Exposure mode was aperture priority set at f/16.

Macro photography With the G1X Mark II

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Written by Bruce Lovelace

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