Macro work using my Canon G12

Canon Powershot G12

Canon Powershot G12

Dear Canon Camera Geek,

I would like to do some macro work using my Canon G12. Can you advise me
on the best accessories for this type of work using my G12 ?
Kind regards
Laura Fitzpatrick

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your question about the Canon Powershot G12 and shooting macro.
The G12 is not a GREAT camera that's dedicated for close-up shots, but with a few simple techniques, you can take some great images.

The Three Critical Must Do Techniques for Macro Photography

1. Use manual focus
2. Use a tripod
3. Use the self-timer or a remote shutter release.

The Three Preferably Techniques

1. Proper Exposure. Aperture priority gives you control over depth of field, which is critical in close-up work.
2. Use good computational technique like Rule of Thirds or leading lines.
3. Good Lighting. I almost always use natural lighting, near a window, or outside in the shade, or by using a light reflector or light blocker.

There are dozens of realted articles on this page:Macro Tips and Techniques

Hope that helps you some!
Have a blast!

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