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Rebel t8i

by Patrick McKenna
(Placerville, Calif USA)

Canon Rebel t8i <br>With 75-300MM Lens

Canon Rebel t8i
With 75-300MM Lens

Not necessarily a question. I just purchased a Rebel t8i . Really looking forward to its delivery- Oct 16. It’s my fourth Canon- maybe fifth. I am glad my other ef lenses will work. Just wish I knew what they are all best for. My favorite is the 75-300 with image stabilizer.

I really enjoy wildlife photography-any wildlife! I am currently working on hummingbirds. Anything on that is appreciated. I am a certified amateur, 79 years old and just enjoy taking pictures and looking at them on my iPad. If I can figure out how I will send you a couple. I am still at that point where like to get info on anything about wildlife pics- don’t tell my Grandkids. They are fun too. Thanks for listening.

Patrick M.

Hi Patrick, thanks for taking the time to reach out to me. Glad you're going to have fun with a Rebel t8i. That's what it's all about. Hummingbirds present a few specific challenges to photograph because of their speed, but You'll figure that out as you go.

I look forward to seeing some of your photos! Here are a few posts you might find helpful,

Bird Lenses
All Canon Lenses
Best t8i Lenses


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