Shutter count

by Andre hansen
(Fowlerville mich.usa)

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D

How do I determine the shutter count on my canon 50 D ?

Hi Andre,
Thanks for your question about the Canon EOS 50D. I've never owned one, but I did find this in a forum:

"There are two ways of getting the shutter count from the 50D.

1. Connect the camera to a computer using a USB cable and use utility software to extract the shutter count. I have used Gphoto2 on my Linux PC to do this. There are similar utilities for Windows.

2. Install Magic Lantern on the camera. This allows you view the shutter count on the camera LCD screen."

There is also but that will cost you a few dollars. You go to the website, hook up your camera with a USB cable, pay the fee and get your shutter count.

You can also try this link: EOS INFO

Good Luck


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