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Canon 60D Camera Accessory Kit

Considering a Canon digital camera accessory kit?  

Some of the kits are beginner kits and are a good way for you to get started if you have a camera but don't have any gadgets in your photography arsenal.

You can get more advanced kits, that include a camera and several lenses to become instantly fully prepared for some great picture taking experiences. The best way to evaluate any specific accessory kit is to read several reviews by a few different buyers.

This gives you a well balanced range of opinions. Here are advantages and disadvantages of getting your add-ons separately or together.

Save Time - Save Money - With a Canon Accessory Kit

Advantages of Buying a Digital Camera Accessory Kit

Save money.  Often when you bundle a few gadgets together you can get a better price.  Companies are willing to make a little less profit on an individual product when they can sell you a few of their products at the same time.

Save Time.  Rather than having to shop separately for and then order a few handy accessories, it may make sense to buy a kit with several valuable photography gadgets all at once.

At the time of this post, 94% of buyers rated the Canon t5i camera kit below at 4 or 5 stars. That's a real high rating for a Canon digital camera accessory kit, considering that most people only take the time to complain after a purchase.

Canon Rebel t5i Camera Kit With AccessoriesCanon Rebel t5i Camera Kit With Accessories

Most satisfied buyers don't take the time to give feedback. They just go and play with their new gear.

Variety of Accessory Kits.  There are many different combinations of accessories available. Many of the best camera kits are the ones that combine a popular camera and lens combination with a few of the important accessories like batteries, memory cards, and tripods.

These are the most expensive, but also save you the most money as well.

Merchants know what goes together and is popular based on their experience in the marketplace with what photographers buy.

Disadvantages of Buying a Canon Digital Camera Accessory Kit

Kits are designed to satisfy a few photography needs at once for a group of buyers but may not necessarily fit your personal needs.  

An accessory kit may contain 6 items and you really only need 5 of them because you may already own the 6th item. The lens kit below only had 68% of reviewers give it a 4 or 5 star rating.

Cheap Canon Lens Accessory KitCheap Canon Lens Accessory Kit

The primary disappointment for this kit came was for lens vignetting and distortion. The price for a kit like this is only around $40. For that type of price, you won't get distortion free lenses.

The most common camera accessories are camera bags, tripods, flash units, lens hoods, cleaning kits and filters.  Sometimes accessory kits are filled with NON-brand accessories that are not the highest quality.

In general, compared to other camera gear and accessories, customer satisfaction is quite high with buying kits. There are so many that you can pretty much get very close to the exact mix of accessories you want.

Best Bundles of Camera-Lens Kits

The most popular camera-lens-accessory kits:

The Canon T3i and 18-55mm kit has a 93% rating.

Once of the best selling and highest rated kits of all time:

This Canon T3 is combined with a 18-55mm zoom and wide angle and telephoto add-ons.

Gets a 95% Canon Geek rating.

This kit got a 94% Canon Geek rating.  It comes with everything you could possibly need if you are searching for a complete kit.

There's no doubt it is a tremendous time to get involved in digital photography. The number of cameras, lenses and accessories that we have available to us is at an extraordinary level.

Remember to simply enjoy the act of taking photos along with the sophisticated and simply tools that come with it.

Happy Shooting!


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Using one of these resources below helps me keep this web site going. They're popular with photographers because of the good deals you can get on Canon digital camera accessories.

You can visit the Canon site to get ideas on good accessories, to have included in your Canon digital camera accessory kit. Then pick the best place to buy them

You can visit Amazon and learn about accessories because of the number and depth of the reviews given by buyers. I get a little financial "thank you" from them for referring people to them.

Wherever you shop for your camera gear:

Shoot more photos.

Watch less TV.


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