Canon RF 24-105mm F/4-F/7.1 Sample Photos
(At High Resolution)



This post  show you high resolution Canon RF 24-105mm F/4-F/7.1 sample photos, sized to 19 inches at 72 dpi. These are large-sized image examples to help show you what type of photos you can take with the RF 24-105mm f/4-f/7.1 lens. This version came out about 11/2 years after the original f/4.0 L version was released. For the full article on what you can shoot with a 24-105mm lens, see the original post. For a comparison of the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 with the other two versions of the RF 24-105 lens see the comparison here.

Group photo @ 24mm

The photo below was taken at a family get-together. I pose the group of 21 people at staggered levels and took the image at a high vantage point so that everyone would be seen.

Family groups photo with RF 24-105 lensFamily groups photo with RF 24-105 lens

At 24mm I had room to spare when I composed the family, despite being fairly close, perched on s small step to stool to get at a more favorable angle. The 24-105mm focal range is plenty versatile enough to use for almost any group photo and can be used for head shots of individual subjects too.

This nighttime photo below was taken hand-held without a tripod for 1/25 second @f/4.5. The image stabilization built-in to my R6 Mark II combines with the image stabilization bult-into the 24-105mm lenses gives you the ability to shoot blur-free images at very slow shutter speeds.

Night Photo at 24mm

Canon RF 24-105 wide exampleNighttime photo was shot at 24mm focal length.
Faces in window added later in PhotoShop

Wide angle lenses are often a necessity when photographing basic views of houses and other architectural subjects. For a higher level of architectural photography, photographers turn to tilt shift lenses, like the 17mm Tilt-Shift lens, or super wide angle zoom lenses like the 16-35mm lens.

The RF 24-105mm lens is great to use when shooting events

Event Photo @ 52mm

Event photo at 52mmIndoor event photo at 52mm

The photos above was from a 70th wedding anniversary celebration that I photographed. I shoot the entire event with my RF 24-105 f/4-7.1 lens without wishing for a wider view or a narrower view on the telephoto end of the zoom range. The venue was too dark to shoot with the existing light so I added a speedlite 580EX and its slide out bounce panel to get decent portrait lighting.

Landscape Detail @ 105mm

Several of these photos, including the photo of the interesting cloud formation below were taken of the Atlantic Ocean in Ocean City, New Jersey, near Corson's Inlet. I zoomed in my 24-105 lens all the way in to 105mm to emphasize the clouds and crop out the sand.

Seascape detail at 105mm"Over The Ocean"
Seascape detail at 105mm

The 24-105mm focal length lenses have enough magnification at the telephoto end to take more detailed photos of the subject in front of you.

Close-Up @ 105mm

I took quite a few individual shots of this conch shell and the fast-moving foam from the waves before I settled on this composition. Had I been thinking clearly at the time, I would have changed the camera to burst mode to get more chances at getting the timing just right.

Ocean Conch Up CloseWhere The Conch Meets The Ocean Foam
Canon RF 24-105mm @105. F/8.0 for 1/320 second.

Seascape @ 54mm

This was my favorite image captured on this particular day I went on my lens-testing photo excursion with the RF zoom lens in tow. I know full-time pro landscape and seascape photographers prefer using prime lenses for the ultimate image quality in their images, but I am fully satisfied with the IQ I get with Canon zoom lenses.

Atlantic Ocean SunriseAtlantic Ocean Sunrise
Shot at 54mm focal length, @f/13 and 1/320 second

Shotting with your lens around 50mm gives you a "normal" perspective that is similar to the perspective we get with the naked eyed. I composed this photo to give equal "visual weight" to the dune grasses and the scenic sunrise behind them. I hope you enjoyed this small collection of photos take with my version of the Canon RF 24-105mm lens. See related posts to this topic linked below my signature.

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