Canon EF 24-105mm Photos

These Canon EF 24-105mm Photos have all been taken within the last 2 years by the author. This lens has a pretty versatile zoom range of wide-angle to medium telephoto with a constant maximum aperture of f4 throughout the zoom range.

It's my primary choice for beach photography where I am shooting family group poses as well as tighter cropped head and shoulder shots during sessions.

I've found f4 to give me a good amount of bokeh when I am looking for a pleasantly out of focus background.

24-105 for landscapes

Landscapes photography with Canon 24-105The 24-105 is wide enough for shooting landscapes

This was the only lens I had on my camera the entire day for my hike through Rickets Glen State Park.  The trail takes the average hiker about 4 or 5 hours to do.

I took a few hundred photos and my hike went from  7 am to about  4 pm.  The only camera accessories I used were my tripod, Canon cable release and polarizing filter.

More Outdoor Canon EF 24-105mm Photos

Fall Colors Captured on a Simple Pond Reflections Canon 5D-Canon EF 24-205mm
70mm-1/30 second at f6.3

The portrait below was taken with the lens set at 70mm.  It could have been taken with the Canon 24-105mm or the 70-200mm lens.  If it would have been a large group, the 70-200 would not have been able to be used without backing up the camera if there was room to do so.

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