Canon EF 24-105mm Photos

These Canon EF 24-105mm Photos have all been taken within the last 2 years by the author. This lens has a pretty versatile zoom range of wide-angle to medium telephoto with a constant maximum aperture of f4 throughout the zoom range.

It's my primary choice for beach photography where I am shooting family group poses as well as tighter cropped head and shoulder shots during sessions.

I've found f4 to give me a good amount of bokeh when I am looking for a pleasantly out of focus background.

24-105 for landscapes

The photo above was taken around 10:30 in the evening. I had to travel light on our 14 day Alaskan adventure so I only had my 24-105 f/4.0 and my 400mm f/5.6 Canon lenses with me. The photo above was shot at 35mm focal length using the 24-105mm lens.

This was the only lens I had on my camera the entire day for my hike through Rickets Glen State Park. The trail takes the average hiker about 4 or 5 hours to do.

I took a few hundred photos and my hike went from  7 am to about  4 pm.  The only camera accessories I used were my tripod, Canon cable release and polarizing filter.

Use your 24-105 lens for strong perspectives

You can create some interesting compositions when you shoot with your lens set to the widest angle of view at 24mm. Wide focal lengths like this often create strong diagonals like this railroad picture below.

Strong lens perspectiveLens set to widest setting at 24mm

The sample photo above shows you how you can use the 24-105 lens to create strong perspectives in your photography. At 24mm you exaggerate the falloff in size as objects appear at a farther distance from the camera. 

Strong perspectives are great to take when photographing architecture too. The photo above was taken during a walking tour of downtown Boston.

close-up samples - Canon EF 24-105 photos

How does the Canon EF 24-105mm lens do as a macro photography lens. It's good, not great in terms of magnification. Certainly, you can get some great close-up photos with it. The key, with using this lens or using any other, to shooting great close-ups is using good lighting and interesting compositions.

Here are 3 sample photos using the Canon 24-105 lens. Picking flowers as a subject is another good step toward getting a good photo.

The photo example above was taken early in the morning when the dew was still in abundance all over the delicate leaves of this yellow Lily.

clover flower example"Clover Flowers"
Lens set at 105mm telephoto focal length

You can control the depth of field by the aperture and the focal length you choose with your Canon 24-105 lens.  

The example below is from a wedding I photographed using my two 24-105 lenses. You can get very pleasing out of focus backgrounds when you set your lens wide open to f/4 and zoom in all the way to 105mm.

Flower Corsage Close-upWedding Corsage
Canon 24-105mm @105mm

And now, for the final sample close-up photo taken with the Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM lens is my overall favorite drink. In this case pumpkin flavored decaffeinated beans is the subject featured in this image.

macro photo coffee sample"Photographers Decaffeinated Delight"
Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 Lens
1/50 second, f/6.3, ISO 400, @ focal length of 105mm

My wife likes the flavored varieties. I'm happy with straight coffee. 

 Canon EF 24-105mm  portrait Photography

The 24-105mm zoom range is good one for shooting portrait photography capable for shooting headshots, small families and large groups of people. Here are a few samples of portrait photography I created using the 24-105 lens.

The portrait below was taken with the lens set at 70mm.  It could have been taken with the Canon 24-105mm or the 70-200mm lens.  If it would have been a large group, the 70-200 would not have been able to be used without backing up the camera if there was room to do so.

The photo above was a medium sized group pose of 6 people. If it had been 26 people, I would need to use the 24-105mm to fit everybody in the frame.

I hope these sample images taken with the Canon EF 24-105mm lens helped you in evaluating if the lens fits your needs. You can explore any Canon topic on this blog by using the search box below or look for more posts about the 24-105 lens using the links below my signature.

Have a blast. Shoot a Canon.

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