Canon Camera Quotes

Canon Camera Quote #1The World is my Canvas
My Canon is my paintbrush

For all of the dedicated Canon shooters out there who love to create visually impactful photographs, this gallery of Canon camera quotes is for you. Pick a favorite quote that you like and share it.

Canon quote-no shot too bigEast Point Lighthouse, Heislerville NJ
"No shot is too big for my Canon"

This quote is built around the idea that your Canon camera can handle any photographic situation that you come across. Whether your shooting macro photography, wildlife, a lighthouse, or a magnificent landscape, use your Canon body coupled with the right lens to get the shot and expand your creativity.

Canon in hand quotationUse your Canon with confidence

"I have no fear....when I have a Canon in my hand."

You can make a statement about the kind of photographer you are by the size and the style of the camera bag you use.

Canon camera bag quoteYour camera bag says a lot about you

"Photographers will stare at your camera bag. Make it worth their while."

The "Above The Clouds" photo below was taken at an elevation of less than 500 ft. above sea level. The low altitude clouds came rolling in off the Atlantic Ocean and filled the lower elevations with fog.

photo of cloud layer and sky"Above The Clouds"
It's great to be outside with your camera.

"I love being outside and getting fresh air along with my Canon."

You can always tell when there's a photography workshop going on. You'll see just about every single photographer using a tripod. The sunrise photo below goes along well with the next Canon quote.

Harbor sunrise photographersPhotography workshop
Mount Desert Island, Maine

"Canon shooters are born to get up early, explore, and photograph sunrises."

Pro landscape photographers and advanced hobbyist photographers know that some of the best photo opportunities come just before and just after sunrise and sunset.

You can find more interesting subjects and unique perspectives if you're willing to hike aways from your car. The number one way to get great photos is to carry your camera with you at all times, even if that means during a hike to a small mountain summit.

Elevated view of pristine lakeSommes Sound

"Happiness is having your camera with you when you reach the top."

Although my load is heavier when I'm hiking with camera gear, it's worth it because I'm fully prepared for any photo opportunity I might came across.

Quote: Keep Calm-Carry a CanonValley Forge, PA Cannon Battlefield
(Photo taken with Canon 70D)

"Quote: Keep Calm-Carry a Canon"

The quote above is likely the most well-known quote about Canon cameras. Similar to the quotation about having no fear, the idea is that you can shoot with confidence and know you're camera will perform to meet your expectations.

Canon Quotes Without Photos

The Life is like using your Canon. Focus on what's important and you'll get what you want.

Owning a Canon Doesn't make you a great photographer. But, it goes along way to get you off to a great start.

Find your true self with your Canon. If you capture a moment in time it lives forever.

I hope you found the quotes on Canon cameras that you were looking for. See the list below my signature of other helpful resources on this website.

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