Canon RF 100mm Macro Lens Sample Photos

This article is a collection of sample images taken with the Canon RF 10mm f/2.8 lens. Included are a variety of examples of what to shoot with your RF 100 macro lens. Subjects include headshots, 3/4 length portraits, macro photos, landscape shots, bugs, insects, vegetables, and other types of photography.


French bulldog puppy portrait"Deuce"
Canon EOS R Camera
Canon RF 100mm macro lens 1/640 second at f/3.5. ISO=1250

What better way to break into shooting some sample photos with my RF 100mm macro than with a cute puppy. This is straight out of the camera without sharpening or cropping. I was very pleased with the sharpness as well as the quality of the blur in the background.

No test of a macro lens can be called complete without photographing some flowers.

black eyed susanBlack-eyed Susan Flowers
Canon EOS R camera + RF 100mm macro lens
Handheld with image stabilization for 1/125 second at f/8

Just because the RF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens excels with taking super close-up photos, doesn't mean you should limit its use that way. Use the lens to shoot intermediate distance landscapes too.

water fountainsTwin Pond Fountains

With continuous auto-focusing from any distance of 10 inches through infinity, you can get as close or as far away from your subject as you wish.  In the photo above I placed the focus point on the near fountain so that objects in front of and behind it would be in focus.


Here are two tightly composed portrait samples taken with the Canon RF100mm F2.8 L Macro IS USM lens. Shooting with the aperture set wide open to f/2.8 will render the background pleasantly out of focus.

Baby PortraitHello Baby!

Headshot of childHeadshot of a 3 year old

The main charm of these kids poses are the simplicity of the compositions.

The sample portrait below shows the perspective you get when shooting a 1/4 body posed composition with a 100mm focal length. Choosing an angle to keep the background uncluttered makes it less distracting so that the main subject is emphasized.

1/4 body pose1/4 body pose
Canon EOS R camera + RF 100mm macro lens
Handheld with image stabilization for 1/200 second at f/2.8

Simple natural lighting, simple pose, simple background, and a vertical composition make this a pleasing portrait of this woman.


Macro samples

Insects and flowers are the number 1 and number 2 subjects in terms of popularity when it comes to shooting macro photos. You can see details in nature that you would otherwise miss, and you don't need any other RF 100mm accessories to get that close.

Orange flowerSuper close photos are now easy to take

When it comes to photographing flowers and other plants, I find the closer I get the more interesting the subject comes off to me. I'm definitely guilty of geeking out on the complexity of life on our planet.

Even something as common as a sweet pepper develops into a world of possibilities for photographing in an interesting way.

Yellow pepperCanon EOS R camera
RF 100mm Macro Lens
f/13 for 1/500 second ISO 1600

Photographing interesting subjects like the pepper above reminds me of the list of subjects where using the RF 100mm lens comes up short as well as the list of kinds of photography that are good for using the lens.

One extra unique way to shoot creative images with the RF 100mm macro lens is using the SA (spherical aberration) control to change the qualities of the blur in the background.

Insect samples

One of the most frequently sought after subjects for macro shooters is insects. I posted this photo below on Facebook and mistakenly referred to it as a photo of a bee. I was quickly educated that this is actually a (transverse-banded) Flower Fly.

It was quite preoccupied and I was able to get up very close.

Sample macro RF 100mm photoFlower Fly (transverse-banded)
Shot at 1/400 second @ f/ll

After cropping in Photoshop, the image of the Flower Fly is larger than life. This little guy was very busy, constantly moving, so I need both a fast shutter speed as well as a small lens opening to get this sample photo to be sharp.

Abstract Sample

Another fun way to stimulate your creative juices while using the RF 100mm macro lens is to shoot some abstract photos.

abstract black and white

Sample Images Summary

Although this wasn't your typical how-to post, equipment review, or list of cameras or lenses for a specific purpose type of article, I hope you enjoy reading it anyway. Despite its label as a macro lens and its statis as a non-zooming prime lens, the Canon RF100mm macro lens does have a variety of subjects you can use it on.

Author Bruce Lovelace
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Bruce Lovelace is the publisher of Canon Camera Geek. Read more about him on the About Page. He also publishes how to articles and camera gear reviews at the Photography Tips website.

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