Canon 270EX II Alternatives

Are you considering one of the Canon 270EX II Alternatives?

You know I am a big fan of the 270EX II, but there are a few Canon 270EX II alternatives that might make sense for some photographers.  You can go super cheap but you run the risk of getting a unit that is unreliable or has a very short working life.

You can also save money and choose a flash gun that doesn't have bounce capability.  You can also go bigger and get a generic flash not made by Canon.

Here are three substitute possibilities for the 270EX II:

1.  Pentax AF-200FG

Similar size     -     No bounce feature     -     Very affordable

A Pentax AF-200FG could be a substitute for the Canon 270EX II Speedlite

The Pentax AF-200FG flashgun is an alternative to the Canon 270EX II.  It has a wide-angle dispersal of light to accommodate moderately wide-angle lenses.

This accessory takes 4 AA batteries and is rated at 300 flashes on a fresh set of Alkaline batteries.

Excellent size for travel and comes with a protective pouch.

No bells and whistles-just simple to use.

A Pentax AF-200FG could be a substitute for the Canon 270EX II Speedlite

If we compare this substitute with the Canon 270EX II, I think the Pentax falls short.

It will be better in terms of capacity because it take uses 4 batteries in stead of two.

The guide numbers are almost the same, 20 vs. 22.  The lack of bounce flash to me is not acceptable.

It is about $20 less than its Canon counterpart.

The AF-200FG is 2.7 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches and weighs 6.9 ounces

Guide Number 20 at ISO 100/m

The 270EX II is 3 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches and only weighs 5.4 ounces

Guide Number 22 at ISO 100/m

2.  Neewer Flash and Bracket

Wireless     -     Affordable     -     Bracket included

The Neewer Digital Camera Flash comes with an adjustable bracket. 

This gives you the ability to shoot with the flash above the lens with vertical shooting.

You can also rotate it to bounce upward off the ceiling.

This alternative flash fires without wires.

Neewer - Canon 270EX II Alternative - flashwith bracket let's you position flash aabove Camer a lens for vertical shooting

No camera connection is required-it synchronizes with your camera's built in flash.

May have some issues with reliability.

Wide variety of customer satisfaction ratings.

3. Bigger 270EX II Alternative

Bigger     -     Swivel and Tilt     -     More powerful

This is larger than the Canon Speedlite 270EX II.

If you don't mind the extra size and weight, it could be a good substitute for you.

By far, the best feature is that it tilts and swivels.

This 270EX II alternative gets the highest customer ranking from quite a few buyers.

The TT560 has several modes and has a over-temperature protection system to prevent damage from rapid firing.

Guide number is 38 (ISO 100)

Take 4 AA batteries instead of two with the 270EX II.

Good 270EX II alternative is the Neewer TT560 flash gun

Is more compatibly with many of the speedlite accessories, like diffusers and mini-soft boxes because of the standard size of the flash head.

Comes with  Refection board and built-in wide panel. 

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You can learn a lot about any camera or accessory by reading the opinions of other photographers who have purchased them.  No matter where you buy, Amazon is a good resource for finding out what other consumers like and don't like about there.

If you do happen to buy one of the Canon 270EX II alternatives from Amazon, it helps support this site. Have a blast!

Excellent CanonGeek 4-5 rating-of 93%

This flash is very affordable but does have a lot of reliability issues

Most reviewed Canon alternative on amazon

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Photo of the portable Canon Speedlite 270EX IIPhoto of the portable Canon Speedlite 270EX II

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