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Accessories For Canon Speedlites

Have you ever wondered if there are any Canon 270EX II accessories that really work sell and won't cost you an arm and a leg?

Simple flash accessories can do a lot to transform your contrasty direct flash into nice soft, diffused or bounced lighting. Wouldn't it be cool to get professional looking lighting with a small flash like the Canon 270EX II. Well, the good news is you really can.

Have you ever been disappointed with lighting you get in your photos? Bad lighting is one of the top reasons for getting disappointing results with flash photography. Usually you get harsh distracting shadows from having your flash directly on top of the camera and using no diffusion.

harsh flash lightingHarsh Distracting Shadows

The puppy photo above is cute, no doubt, but that's mostly becasue of the subject. It's not becasue the lighting is attractive. Look what difference a little technique and the proper flash accessory can do for you, below. If that aint doggone cute, I don't know what is.

Bounced Canon flashBounced Canon Flash

One of the most versatile accessories, in terms of being able to aim and postiion your flash in a variety of places, is an off-camera flash cord. You can hold your camera in one hand and aim the flash in your other hand or use a flash bracket like the one shown below.

Off-camera Flash Sync Cord Accessory

270EX II Off-camera Sync cord

This off-camera flash sync cord is a very helpful Speedlite accessory.  

It gives you the freedom of using a bracket to mount your speedlite onto and maintain 100% functionality and communication between camera and flash. 

This is great for mounting your 270EX or any of the other Speedlights on a flash bracket like the stroboframe below.

Bracket and Sync Cord Lets You Bounce Your 270EX II for Softer, More Pleasing Light

It places your flash farther away from the lens and also provides an infinite number of possibilities for bounce lighting. Getting the flash farther from the lens in the number one best way to get rid of red-eye reflections in the eyes.

Without the bracket, you can still use the cord and hold you camera in one hand and aim the flash is any direction with the other hand. This is great for shooting a couple of really quick lighting variations of the same subject.

Most of these types of flash brackets are hinged to give you the ability to roate the flash or the camera so that you can shoot in a vertical (portrait) orientation with the flash head centered above the camera.

Bounce Hard-Dome 270EX II Accessory 

A very simple snap-on diffuser like the Hard-Dome below will scatter your light in many directions and add bounce fill lighting to your subject.  Unfortunately these are just about worthless for outside flash shooting situations.

Diffuser accessory for Canon 270EX II Speedlite

A simple diffusing bounce dome like this one is an accessory that is very easy to carry along and snaps on quickly.  There are several manufacturers of these. They all diffuse the light fairly well.

Be sure to read the specific customer feedback reviews to make sure they perform up to your needs. These are very affordable, not made of high tech materials, so don't get your expectations high that they will be a perfect fit with every flash.

I  purchased an early model Gary Fong Light Sphere and it was very difficult for me to attach to to my Canon 580EX Speedlight.

Speedlight Snoot - Narrows Light Spread to a Narrow Angle

Snoot For Canon Speedlites

I've  never seen one of these used as a Canon 270 EX II accessory.  It fits much better on the larger Canon Speedlites, like the new speedlite 600EX-RT,  580EX II or 430EX II. I find lighting gadgets like theses to be a little too gimicky for my own personal tastes, but you may be different.

This flash snoot is pefect for adding just a small highlight on a specific part of your subject which can make your lighting very professional looking.

Speedlite Flashbender

The Rogue Flashbender is a very versatile accessory to be used in a variety of ways to modify the light from your speedlite.

It's one of the Canon 270EX II Accessories that will fit on many different Canon speedlites.

More Reviews on Canon 270EX II Accessories:

You can more opinions from other owners of the Canon Speedlite 270EX Flash and accessories here: Speedlite Gizmos on Amazon.

Enjoy these Canon equipment reviews and remember to be grateful for all of the choices we have and also the amazing technological advances that have made digital photography so much fun and easy to learn. There are related Speedlite 270EX posts listed below my signature or use the search box below. 

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Photo of Canon speedlite 270EX-II with reflection underneath

The 270EX is my favorite flash gun.  I admit I don't use if for my professional portrait set-ups.

I use full sized studio strobes because of their power and reach for group portraits, but for everyday snapshots, I use my 270EX II because of its portability. 

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