Canon Speedlite 270EX II Bounce Ideas

I wanted to bounce a few Canon Speedlite 270EX II bounce ideas off of you. I'm going to show you that you don't have to be stuck with that flat and sometimes harsh, direct light from such a speedlite that doesn't rotate like the Canon 270EX II flash.

The 270EX II does not have a built in bounce panel as shown on the Speedlite 580EX shown in this photo. (Click the photo for a larger view)

The big advantage with the 580EX is that the bounce panel is always with you and ready to use simply by sliding it out from its secret hideout inside the head. It's easy to use in an instant.

The 270EX II does not have a rotating head. The 580 Speedlite's head can rotate both clockwise and counter-clockwise to give you many possibilities for finding the best angle to bounce.

Don't despair, because there are a few ways you can still produce a diffused light with your pintsized 270EX II

When I am packing light I carry a small white business card with me that can be used as a bounce panel with the Speedlite 270EX II.

The distance from the flash to the ceiling and the distance from the flash to the subject and the size of the bounce panel you use all affect the light ratio.

I am a full-time shooting pro, but I don't want to carry the larger 580EX when I am out socially.

I occasionally use the Canon Speedlite 270EX II on a Canon DSLR, but  more often use it on my Canon G11 or my wife's G1X Mark II. You can also use one of the convenient speedlite accessories to get a nice soft diffused light on your subject.

My Favorite of the Speedlite 270EX II Bounce ideas

This is the most versatile way to bounce your 270EX II.  You'll need enough strength to hold the camera in one hand and the flash in the other hand.  You can try several lighting variations with a simple twist of the flash to achieve quite a few different results.

Speedlite 270EX II mounted on remote cord allows you infinite possibilities for bounce direction.

Because the DSLRs have a nicely shaped grip, I sometimes find myself shooting with the camera in one hand and the flash in another hand.  This allows me to boldly seek out new surfaces and angles to bounce the 270EX II in hopes of creating a sometimes unusual and pleasing way to light my subject.

I call this method of photography "Freestyle Bounce Lighting." 

The initial start-up time for the 270EX is slow, but if the batteries are fresh, I find the re-charge time between shoots to be adequately fast.  This is even more true now with the development of high ISO settings and reduced power usage when the flash is fired for any given exposure.

I've also done a bit of Macro Photography with a Speedlite 270EX II with the flash mounted directly on the hot shoe and bounced off of a small white piece of cardboard.

Recommended Place to Buy Speedlites and Accessories

I use several different vendors for my photography equipment, depending on what I'm in the market for. These are the ones I've used and had good luck with. Using any one of them helps me keep this site going and costs you nothing. 

As an affiliate, I may receive a small commission from your purchase. There is no added cost to you.

Keep shooting your Canon!

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Bounced-lighting from aiming the 270ex II at the white cinder block wall off to the side of my Molly the mannequin model.

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