Canon 5D photos of Yosemite

One of my favorite Canon 5D photos of Yosemite from July 2011 was this one of Yosemite Falls and the valley. It was a spectacular day with a mild summer breeze and white billowing clouds.

Even more special was the fact that I got to enjoy a picnic at this spot with my darling bride and our three wonderful children.

Yosemite Valley taken July 2011 with Canon 5D camera - Click to see Gallery

It had been a dream come true for me to visit Yosemite since I was a teenager and gazed at Ansel Adams remarkable black and white photos of this, one of America's most valuable treasures.

One of Yosemite National Park's most well-known landmarks is El Capitan, the World's largest granite monolith. The photo below was shot with the Merced River in the foreground, El Capitan on the left and the Three Brothers rock formation on the right.

Canon 5d photo of Yosemite National Park-Merced

I finally was able to share some of these Canon 5D photos of Yosemite during a recent presentation to a group of local bushiness leaders. Sometimes my personal projects get delayed when I am busy taking care of paying clients first.

A group of about a dozen of us took the hiking trail out to Taft Point one day and I couldn't resist photographing this tree and its matching cloud formation.

Taft Point-tree and matching cloud taken with Canon 5d

The sky was a deep blue, the clouds a brilliant white, the tree a healthy deep green, and the granite a textured gray.

Downhill just a bit from the base of Bridalveil Falls was this cascading stream. We were extremely lucky to have chosen a year which had a record snowfall and there was plenty of water flowing from ice melt.

Bridalveil Falls taken with Canon 5d

I used my Canon 5D camera and my lightweight RocketFish Carbon Fiber tripod for a time exposure of about 1/2 second at f-14.

The photo of Vernall Falls below was taken after our hike to the summit of Half Dome. The thunderous pounding, the flow, the sheer force of the water was breathtaking.

Vernall Falls-Yosemite CA-Canon 5D

I was unable to photograph Vernal Falls the first time we trekked by as it was almost pitch dark at that time of morning.  The trail up to the top of Half Dome and back was a 13 mile hike.

We started very early to avoid a traffic jam on the famous cables to the summit and our first 3 hours of hiking were in darkness.

I was happy to take a little more time coming down and took the opportunity to take some Canon 5D photos of Yosemite.  Since then I've update by cameras a few times and here's my post on cameras for landscape photos.

Have blast. Shoot a Canon

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