Canon BG-E13 Battery Grip

Here is a photo of the Canon BG-E13 battery grip.  

You can see it looks very similar to all of the other Canon battery grips, but it designed specifically for the Canon 6D.

Biggest Benefit: You're Going To Have a Lot of Fun Using a Grip

CanonCameraGeeks's quick 3 pluses for owning one of these accessories:

  1. Extended shooting capabilities
  2. Better ergonomics and control for vertical photographs
  3. Improved balance when using long or heavy lenses

The releases of the Canon 6D and the BG-E13  were late 2012.  If I didn't already own a 5d and 5D Mark III the 6D would be an intriguing choice for a quality DSLR at a very affordable adequate price.

Camera on a Canon BG-E13 Battery Grip
Photo of Canon BG-E13 Battery Grip

Features of the Canon BG-E13 Battery Grip

The Canon BG-E13 has all of the following features for vertical orientation use:

  1. Well-located shutter release
  2. The multi controller button
  3. Auto-exposure/FE lock button
  4. The Auto-focus point selection button and start button
  5. The Main Dial

The battery grip accepts either 1 or 2 LP-E6 batteries to essentially double your 6D's battery life.  You also have the option of using 6 AA batteries if you are in a jam.

You can find cheaper grips and save money.  They won't feel the same as the Canon one.  It may or may not be important to you for the buttons on a grip to respond to the same amount of finger pressure in the same way as on the camera body.

Buying a Canon camera grip will give you the same consistency and feel.  Any battery grip will give you a little extra room for all of your fingers to grip the camera, especially desirable if you have large hands.

These battery grips are particularly useful for photographers who shoot primarily vertical compositions like portrait photographers, sports team and school photographers.

The only possible drawbacks are the added weight, the cost and perhaps of the added size, depending on your personal tastes and shooting style.

Canon has a history of improving their accessories that go along with their continuous new camera releases and the Canon BG-E13 is no exception.  The higher price tagged is accompanied by high quality and advanced design and functionality.

Alternative choices to the BG-E13

For the majority of photographers, a substitute grip for the 6D would suffice.  

The Canon grips no doubt have a great feel to them and have the highest quality built in.

The majority of the "third party" grips have full functionality, are of good, if not great quality.

Vello battery grip for Canon EOS 6D camera

The best part of the alternatives: they are only a fraction of the cost of the Canon made battery grips.

The alternative grips are one of the Canon camera accessories that I generally recommend. I've included the link below to consumer reviews on Amazon of the various battery grips for the Canon EOS 6D:

Reviews of Canon 6D Alternative Grips

Have a blast!

Canon Camera Geek

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There are other Canon 6D grips available:

Canon BG-E13 Alternative Battery Grip by Zeikos
The most popular and much more affordable alternative battery grip.

Zeikos Battery Pack Grip for Canon EOS 6D

Neewer battery grip for Canon 6D camera

Neewer battery grip for Canon 6D camera

Canon BG-E13
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