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"Does anyone make a battery grip for EOS 100D-Rebel-SL1 cameras?"-(October 2013)

I got this question from one of the readers of Canon Camera Geek about the Canon Rebel SL1. I am posting the quick answer and a link for the SL1 Battery Grip made by a third party, DBK and not made by Canon. Update: you now have several options on grips for your Rebel SL1.

2019 Update on Canon SL1 Battery Grip

That question came over 3 years ago and things change in the world of digital camera technology quite frequently. I updated this article here at the bottom.

Canon SL! Battery Grip - End ViewCanon SL1 Battery Grip - End View

He found one on ebay but asked me about this accessory. As of October 2, 2013, there was one listed on Amazon. Good news! You're looking for a 100D/Rebel SL1 at a much better time!

Now there are several options, each a little different and with different price tags. You can read the review on the Amazon site:  SL1 Battery Grip.

The bigger question might be if you really want a grip for the world's smallest DSLR camera. After all, the Canon SL1's appeal is its small size and lightweight. Do you want to add size and weight to you little SL1?

If you really want those vertical orientation controls of your camera, it's an easy yes answer to that question. If you really think that the doubled battery life is going to help you in a long photo shoot, that's another yes answer.

Here's the alternative. You can simply carry an extra LP-E12 battery. It's not as sexy, for sure, as having a battery grip for your EOS 100D/SL1.

Carrying a 2nd battery still gives you the same capacity to shoot extra photos as attaching a grip does. There are battery kits for sale, that give you two extra SL1 batteries and a charger for less than $20.

You do lose the vertical orientation buttons that are one of the chief advantages of using a battery grip, but you get double the battery capacity. Neither one of these propositions cost a ton of money. The SL1 battery grips are very affordable now, and the cost of a 2nd battery or even a kit with 2 batteries and a charger are next to nothing to buy.

Mirrorless Camera Vs. Canon SL1

Mirrorless Camera With Large Lens AttachedNikon mirrorless Waterproof

One of my biggest issue with the new mirrorless cameras that are springing up by many camera manufacturers is the lens to camera body ratio.

Nikon introduced the 1 AW1, a waterproof mirrorless camera, in September 2013. How do you think it looks? A little unusual, perhaps. In some cases the lenses are bigger than the cameras.

This means that using the battery grip is a part time situation when you've got your big lenses in use. 

Another valid reason might be to use a battery grip on you Canon SL1 is for better balance when shooting with a long lens.  A heavy lens attached to a light camera gives you a front-heavy feel. A battery grip will even that balance a bit more.

Of course, if you have a long shoot with a need for a lot of battery capacity or if you are shooting a bunch of vertical photos and want the vertical controls, then it makes sense to have the battery grip for your EOS 100D-Rebel-SL1 camera.

When you are not in one of those situations, you have the appeal of the small DSLR SL1 body to enjoy as it is,without the grip attached. These arguments for and against camera accessories often come down to personal choice and that is true here for sure as well.

2021  Canon EOS SL1 Battery Grip Update

Canon still does not make a grip for the EOS SL!, but there is good news for you. If you're looking for a grip for your Canon SL1, you do have several options. A couple of those options are junk, so you have to be careful. I just can't recommend some of them to you, but others are not so bad.

The Best Battery Grip For EOS 100D-Rebel-SL1

The top rated grip for your SL1 is the Zeikos.  It's also the one that's been purchased the most.

  • You can double your shoot time.
  • Grip's shutter release button makes shooting in a vertical position easier
  • Half press the shutter for focusing convenient for vertical portrait shot.
  • Improved handling and feel
Zeikos Battery Grip Canon SL1ZEIKOS SL1 GRIP

Canon Rebel SL1 vs Canon Rebel SL2

The biggest changes you'll get in the upgrade from the SL1 to the SL2 are the processor, the fully articulated LCD screen, and battery life. These 3 changes really improve your experience when using your camera.

1. BATTERY LIFE. Consumers complained about the battery life in the SL1. To make room for all of the components to fit into such a compact DSLR, Canon skimped on battery size and capacity. The SL2 has a big improvement in battery life, and you may a battery grip for your rebel may not be as important.

2. SL1 vs SL2 PROCESSOR. The Digic 7 in the SL2 is clearly more advanced than the Digic 5 in the Canon SL1 and that means better image quality for you.

3. ARTICULING LCD SCREEN. I really enjoy the fully articulating screen on my 70D and the articulating LCD screen on the SL2 is versatile and so much more fun to use than the static LCD screen on the SL1.

This short video does a good job of showing you all of the differences in the SL1 vs SL2.

The other updates are not as significant going from the SL1 to the SL2. The SL2 will shoot a little faster frames-per-second, has a slightly higher maximum ISO, has more pixels (which doesn't necessarily mean better quality), and shoots 60p frame rate video.

Shoot more Canon photos. Shoot better Canon photos.

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