Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip

BG-E6 Battery Grip

The Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip goes with the Canon 5D Mark II camera.

It will add a little less than 2 inches to the height of the 5D Mark II. The grip weighs about 3/4 of a pound or 315 grams.   

Not only does it double the shooting pleasure, but also makes shooting and controlling your Mark ii in a vertical position a breeze.Look at the graphic below that shows the 3 main reasons you'd want to use a BG-E6 grip.

BG-E5 AdvantagesBenefit of using the Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip

Unlike the Canon BG-E8 Battery Grip, which is for the Canon 4Ti, 3Ti and T2i, the BG-E8 allows direct insertion of its proprietary LP-E6 batteries without the need for a separate magazine.

You still have the option of using 6 AA batteries when used with the BGM-E6 battery magazine.Like the other Canon battery grips, the big appeal is double the battery life capacity and the perceived ease of use for composing and shooting your images vertically.

For the typical Canon Camera Geek, a grip like this can surely be considered one of the best canon camera accessories to own.

Canon Lp-E6 Battery for BG-E6 Battery Grip

Here is a photo of the Canon LP-E6 which also powers my beloved Canon 5D Mark  III.  

The BG-E6 grip can take either one or two of these LP-E6 batteries. That frees you up to use the grip even if you have only one LP-E6 battery on hand to use.

The shutter button, the main dial, Auto-focus point selection-magnify and AE-FE Lock/reduce button and power button are all placed on the Canon battery grip for vertical use.

Positive features include the popularity with users who have big hands. Fingers can rest against the camera instead of curled underneath. Another popular feature is that is actually balances a camera better when a heavy lens is attached. Here is a large photo of the BG-E6 with the empty magazine partially inserted.

Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip Slide-in Tray

If you use AA batteries instead of the proprietary LP-E6 batteries, you get a slightly less amount of power. It's very easy to attach  to your camera.  Simply remove the battery compartment door and the battery. Slide the grip up and align the screw into the tripod mount.  Screw it in bro.

The bottom of the grip has the tripod/monopod mount just like the camera.  I almost forgot one more thoughtful feature.

The Canon BG-E6 has a place for you to store the camera's battery door so you won't lose it while the battery grip is attached. Particularly good for extended use of the 5D Mark II movie mode and Live-View, the Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip is a valuable accessory to include in your Canon arsenal.

disadvantages of using the BG-E6 Grip

There are only 3 potential drawbacks for you to consider about the BG-E6 grip. They're not necessarily deal breakers, but you should at least be aware so that you're not disappointed should you decide to dive in and get one.

To me, the small disadvantages come with the territory and aren't a big deal, but here are the drawbacks.

ADDED SIZE. Attaching a grip to your 5D Mark II will make it bigger. Some camera cases are designed with compartments that will just fit a DSLR without a grip perfectly.

Remember to consider the size of your camera bag and whether it will handle your 5D Mark II with your grip attached. If you're only using your grip occasionally it's not a huge a hassle to carry them separately and attach the grip when you're ready for your photo shoot.

ADDED WEIGHT. Battery grips are not that heavy. Your 5D body combined with a lens already weigh a significant amount and the marginal additional weight of a loaded battery grip is not a big percentage change.

If you're a minimalist backpacker every ounce of weight counts and you should leave your battery grip at home.

COST. Let's face it. This is subjective and based on your budget. You've already invested some serious dough to get a 5D Mark II and you're clearly serious about your photography. At the time of this update, brand new genuine Canon BG-E6 grips are hard to find and used ones in excellent condition sell for about $50.

choices on where to buy BG-Eg Grips

Whether you buy a brand new one from a 3rd party manufacturer (NON-Canon) or buy a pre-owned BG-E6 grip, you don't have to shell out $200 anymore. I've used the following  buying choices many times without any issues.

The links above are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commision should you decide to purchase from one of those vendors. There's no cost to you-just a little financial thank you to me from those vendors.

Photography is often defined as "painting with light." I've always believed that lighting and composition are what separate great photographers from average photographers.

In addition to a professional battery grip, a good Canon Speedlite is a great accessory to have as well. I hope you enjoyed this article on the Canon BG-E6 Battery Grip.  Please share it with a friend.

Keep shooting your Canon. Watch less TV

Consumer reviews on Amazon of the BG-E6 and Other Alternatives

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