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The g11 was released in 2009, so why would you want to read a Canon g11 review? Affordability. The prices have come down. I bought my g11 as soon as the g12 came out because I got a great price.

I knew that the newer g12 has much improved video capabilities over its older sister, the g11, but that was not important to me at the time.

In what at first may seem like a surprise move, Canon reduced the pixel count from an over 14 megapixel sensor in the g10 to a 10 megapixel sensor with the g11. The re-designed sensor gives better performance at high ISO settings.

I am a big fan of using natural lighting, so this was an important feature. Getting decent quality in low light situations without using flash is one of the advantages that a premium compact digital camera has over a point and shoot.

The newer canon g12 did add 720p HD video recording capability, an advantage over the g11 for video shooters. The newest in the "G" series from Canon is the Canon G1X released in 2012.

Here are Canon Geek's highlights for the Canon g11:

Canon G11 Review - Highlights

1.  Flip-out screen. Great for angles shooting-down close to the ground, or with the camera above your head, or even from around the corner llike a spy camera.

2.  Optical viewfinder. I hate video viewfinders. Many of the new cameras are doing away with optical viewfinders. I find it much easier to frame in and compose when looking through a viewfinder.

3.  The ability to shoot RAW images. Not only can you process the image in a variety of ways after you shoot it, but it can also save your butt if you screwed up the initial exposure.

4.  Long battery life. You can shoot "forever" without charging. okay, I exaggerated but the supplied Canon battery does last a long, long time with this camera.

5.  Dedicated Exposure Compensation and ISO dials. See the photo below. My personal shooting style often involves tweaking the ISO and exposure compensation as I shoot.

The Canon G11 Dials

Canon g11-ISO setting dial
Canon g11-exposure compensation dial

I like the quick access to the ISO settings on one of the tops dials on this camera.  Many cameras have the ISO settings burried in the menu on the LCD screen.

I also like the exposure compensation available on the top.  It is so much faster to be able to compensate an exposure shortcoming by the quick turn of a dial than to access an option in a menu system.

The Canon g11 and Canon g12 have a lot of features packed into a camera that fits in the palm of my hand.

The Canon g11 fits into the palm of my hand.

I also like being able to attach a separate flash to it's hot shoe. Built in flashes are convenient but they wimpy and have no bounce light capabilities.

I also want at least a 5x optical zoom along with the possibility of changing lenses if I wanted to.

One of the capabilities that I want to share ini this Canon g11 review is the high speed image review possibilities. You hold the left or right button down and scroll through your photos at about 5 photos per second.

If you are like most people you leave a lot of photos on your camera, so this feature lets you get back to a photo real fast. The retractable lens allows this "premium compact" to fit in my pants pocket snugly and also eliminates the need for a lens cap. If you are looking for something smaller try the Canon"ELF" cameras.

Enjoyed the canon g11 review? Read up on the Canon g12 and the newer Canon g1X. If you are looking for an even better performer in Canon Cameras, you go to the Canon 4ti, (actually should be spelled T4i).

Here are reviews and opinions of photographers who have bought and used these cameras:

Canon G1X Cameras

Keep shooting your Canon and stay inspired!

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