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There are several options to look at when considering which Canon sling bag is the best gadget bag for you. They're all designed to give you quick and easy access and to conveniently "sling" over your shoulder.

There are four key aspects to pay attention to when you're considering a sling bag for your equipment. Number 1 is the most important feature for you to pay most attention to.

  1. Actual storage capacity you need, based on the equipment you're going to carry.
  2. Protection from outside damage. That includes impact damage and protection from the weather.
  3. Inside damage from banging around. Protection from items inside damaging other gear.
  4. The ease of accessing your equipment and what you can access without taking the bag off of your shoulder.

The picture of the sling bag on the right is how a bag designed for Canon PowerShot cameras and would not be suitable for a DSLR and several lenses.

There are also high end, backpack-type of camera bags that are marketed as "sling bags" to consider.  They are designed for the hiker and adventurer type of advanced  photographer. These are my favorite type of camera bag to use because they are more secure in holding your gear.

Canon Sling Bag Video

I've included two videos on sling bags. I recommend you watch them both all the way through. You'll get a great idea on how the various features of sling bags affect what will work for YOU and your specific needs.

You'll find the following video VERY HELPFUL. It's by a DSLR camera shooter showing three different models of the sling camera bags with capacity for cameras and gadgets than the smaller pure sling bags shown in the right column here.

There are also small sling bags that look like small backpacks and sling over your shoulder with a single, well padded shoulder strap.  

Here is another video below, this one reviewing the Canon 300-EG sling bag. UPDATE: The 300-EG is no longer being offered by Canon.

Despite that, you will still find it helpful to watch. It does a real good job of showing the size and describing exactly what you can fit inside. 

I also found it a bit funny as the reviewer described it sheepishly as a bit of a "girly" bag.  Perhaps it is just the right size for smaller female photographers.

The Canon 300-EG does have the side camera access which makes your camera and accessories available without having to take the camera bag completely off of your shoulder.

This sling bag also has movable dividers inside and a handy side-pocket for extra small accessories. It is definitely a gadget bag and not a multi-DSLR and lens bag, but it might be just the right size for your needs.

I include this video in this article because I think it will help you a good perspective in size options for your specific photography gear. 

Canon Sling Bag Recommendation

If you want to get a genuine Canon sling bag I recommend the Canon SB 100S. It's small bag, well suited for the beginning photographer with one camera and one lens to carry. It's one of the highest rated small sling bags on the market and it's very affordable.

To see what I mean check out the current price of the Canon sling bag on Amazon:

As an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a small commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you.

Canon Sling Bag

If you're not committed to staying loyal to the Canon brand, I recommend the following alternative to getting a sling bag from Canon.

Top Recommended Sling Bag

Sling Bag Summary

I hope you found this post on Canon sling bags helpful. Any camera bag's most important feature is its size. The design of the sling bags I've included in this article are for a single camera body.

Whether it's a Canon sling bag or a bag made by someone else it's important to figure out exactly what you want to carry before you go ahead and buy one. Determining your specific list, even if it's short, of the camera gear you want to carry is the most important step to take.

Stay inspired. Have a blast. Shoot your Canon!

Canon sling bags on PinterestCanon sling bags on Pinterest

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