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I just received an email on Canon 70D deals and it prompted me to pass on the information to my Canon Camera Geek readers.  Most photographers like a good deal on camera equipment and I am included in that group too.

As an occasional customer of BH Photo/video, and an active customer of Adorama, and a current Amazon Prime member I periodically get notice when Canon cameras and accessories are being promoted at reduced prices.

Editors Pick Award.

Of course, I am not always in the market for the equipment that is being highlighted.

I like to study the market trends and occasionally I'll jump in and buy too if it's something I had on my list of things I want.

The Canon 70D's most noteworthy feature is the dual-pixel sensor, a significant advance in sensor design.  This improvement combined with its APS-C, 20 megapixel size gives you great image quality even at higher ISO settings.

The dual pixel technology improves focusing speed, live view performance and auto-focus while shooting video.

I am on several camera equipment email lists and purchase about 95% of my Canon camera equipment and accessories from Amazon.  As a benefit of being enrolled in their Prime program, I get free shipping on almost everything I order.

Secondly I am a big fan of their return policy.  Whenever I purchase something, I make it a point to inspect and test right away and have occasionally found the need to return an item.  Here is the link that I received most recently via email about their EOS 70D deals:

Canon 70D Deals on Amazon

Here is the link.  Even if you don't want to buy your Canon EOS 70D from Amazon, it is a great place to visit, read the reviews and find out what consumers like and don't like about this camera.

Canon EOS 70D Deals on Amazon

Where I got my EOS 70D Deal

For this particular purchase I decided to buy from Adorama.  It wasn't any cheaper than the Amazon deal. I just like Adorama as a dealer that specializes in camera equipment and accessories.

I also live only about 100 miles away and delivery is pretty darn quick. There are times when price is the absolute most important criteria I used when purchasing certain products.

There are other times when delivery speed, customer service, and other factors come into my decision.

Canon EOS 70D Deals on Adorama

Have a blast shooting your Canon!

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