Best Canon 70D Bundle

What would be the advantage to getting a Canon 70D bundle rather than buying a 70D and just the accessories as you need them?

To help answer this question, let's look at the type of bundles for the Canon 70D that are available right now in the marketplace.

Canon 70D Bundle with Lenses

Simple Canon 70D with lenses

I am doing this comparison with the prices that are currently on Amazon.  

Of course, prices are subject to change and there are other places to shop for good camera packages.

It's a good place to start because of the huge number of variations that are offered there.

This kit comes with the 70D body, the 18-135mm lens, the 55-250mm lens, a memory card, and a Basics camera bag.

Current cost of the bundle:  $1650

Cost of items sold separately:  $1850

Savings = $200

90 % of buyers rated this purchase a 4 or 5 star buy.

Complete 70D Camera Bundles

Complete 70D Camera Bundle

I call the bundle like this the"Everything but the kitchen sink" bundle.  

The crazy thing about this deal, at the time of the writing of this article, it's the same investment as the two-lens deal mentioned above.

The advertised savings are listed as $1350.  Same body and two lenses, larger capacity memory card, camera case and more than 1 dozen extra accessories.

Sounds like a no-brainer?  Maybe.  You could keep what you need out of all those accessories and sell the rest on eBay.

Bundle Buying Advice

It's really great that so many options exist, but there is a drawback.  It can be a bit confusing when so many options exist.  Here is a suggestion.  

Come up with two lists; the first one with all of the accessories you really do need, and a second list that includes those needed gadgets plus the ones that you'd like to have.

Now, go for a compromise by looking for a bundle that puts you somewhere in the middle and that you can still afford.

My Favorite 70D Bundel

This is just my own personal bias for the best bundle for the Canon EOS 70D.  The choice of lenses is by far the most important accessory included in any bundle for any camera system.

After all, you've got to have a lens attached to your 70D for every single photo you take. The Canon EF-S 18-55mm is the most desirable lens to have because of its relatively small size and its versatility.  It covers the majority of shooting ranges with its 18-55 (Approximately 28-90 equivalent) in a take-it-anywhere size.

Some would definitely argue that the 18-135mm lens would be the lens of choice if you are limiting yourself to just one single lens and that is a matter of personal choice, but it makes sense to me too.

In terms of a bundle, I think the best combination is the 18-55 combined with the 55-250 makes the most sense.

In terms of a bundle, I think the best combination of lenses is the 18-55 and the 55-250, giving you a great range of zooming with only 2 lenses.

Customized 70D Bundles

One of the cool features of some of the Canon 70D bundle packages is that you can customize them on Amazon with different options that fit your needs.  

You can click on the different options and see how your choice affects the price. Have a blast with your photography.

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Canon 70D accessory kit for when you already have the camera body and standard lens

Canon 70D accessory kit for when you already have the camera body and standard lens.