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Here is a list of the articles on the Canon EOS 70d. I organized these 70D posts in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find one. You can also use the search box on the right to search for any article on the Canon EOS 70D or any other Canon camera or accessory you want to know about.

Canon 70D Sample photoTaken with my EOS 70D during a recent photo excursion into the Grand Canyon.

Alphabetical List of Articles on the Canon EOS 70D Camera

70D Sample Images.  My first outing with the EOS 70D was a trip to a local children's museum with lots of bright colors and dim lighting to test the accuracy and noise levels.

Best Canon 70D Book.  I researched several, read lots of reviews and come up with three good ones as well as one that I think is the best for most photographers.

Best Place to Read Canon EOS 70D Reviews.  There are so many of them, but what is the best source of information on products, in particular the EOS 70D made by Canon.

Bundle Kits for the EOS 70D.   If they have what you want, the price is right.

Camera Bags for 70D.  Lots of choices, vendors, and styles of camera bags to choose from.

Camera Strap for the 70D.  Better than the standard one that comes with the camera.

Canon 60D vs 70D.  Comparison of these two Canon DSLRs, their sensors, their video, and their focus

Canon 70D Accessories.  Fung gadgets, professional accessories, and essential add-ons for getting the most out of your EOS 70D.

Canon 70D Battery Grip  Extend your battery life, get the convenience of controls made for shooting vertically, and balance your camera for using long lenses.

Canon 70D Battery  Do you need to get the Canon original or ist tis one of those situations where should should get your battery from a third party?  Here is the Canon Geek's opinion.

Canon 70D Bundle  Looking for a bargain?  The advantages and disadvantages of getting one of those bundled packages when you are looking to buy a 70D.

Canon 70D Deals  Everybody wants a good price, right?  Should you just buy from a general on-line store, an on-line camera store or somewhere else?

Canon 70D Flash  Alternatives to using the pop-up flash.  Should you get a dedicated Canon speedlite or go with one of the flashes made by someone else?

Canon 70D Lenses  What lenses make the best choice for the 70D with its APS-C sensor and the 1.6x crop factor that comes along with it?

Graphic - Canon EOS 70D Lenses

Canon 70D Manual  The manual that comes along with your camera is often criticized, but it does have some valuable information you should read.

Canon 70D Pop-up Flash Accessory  Here is a way you can boost the output of the wimpy pop-up flash that is built into your camera.

Canon 70D Video  What's the story on shooting video with the EOS 70D.  Does the dual pixel feature of the sensor design make a difference when shooting using live view?

Canon 70D vs 7D  It is easy to confuse these two DSLR cameras, only becuase of Canon;s choice for how they give them model numbers.  Here is a comparison between the Canon 7D and the 70D.

graphic-Canon 7d LCD vs Canon 70d LCD Screen

More articles on the Canon EOS 70D: 

Canon EOS 70D Gets Editors Pick  The original article from Outdoor Photographer influenced my decision to buy the 70D.

Canon EOS 70D Review  A quick look at what makes this camera so special without all of the technical test results to confuse you.

Combination test of an EOS 70D with an EF 70-200mm f/4.0. How it felt and could I get decent bokeh?

Dimensions of the 70D. How big is it, how much it weighs, and other dimension like the finger grip, the LCD, and the senors size.

Features of the 70D that I like best.  It's not the number of pixels and it's not articulating LCD screen, although they are both great features that I'm glad I have with this camera.

First Reaction to having the 70D in my hands. Was I going to like the grip?  Can I get used to using an APS-C  camera.

Flash Advice for the Canon 70D.  The pop-up flash works well, but you can improve your flash photography by modifying it or using alternatives.

How to adjust the power on the 70D pop-up flash.  With a little practice you can get through the menu pretty quickly.

Remote Shutter Cord.  Have a blast with time lapse photography, shoot sharper photos or dabble in night time photography.

Sensor inside the EOS 70D.  It's all about the dual pixels.

Shooting cannons, fences, and monuments at Gettysburg Battlefield with the 70D.

Sports Photography. Does the 70D work as a sports camera?

Video Accessories for your 70D.  Some are essential and some are just plain fun to use.

View some more photos taken with the EOS 70D.  Playing around with high ISO and close-ups, I posted these additional 70D sample images.

Waterfall Photography Lens.  What's a good lens to use on your 70D when photographing waterfalls?

What is Included with the Canon EOS 70D?  I only needed the camera body since I have quite a few lenses and related accessories for my Canon 20D, 5D and 5D Mark II.  Here is what comes in the box when you buy one without a lens.

Where to buy the Canon 70D

I've got a long history of buying cameras and accessories. My more recent places to buy cameras and accessories include Amazon, Adorama, and ebay. Check to see if KEH has any 70D cameras. Use the link on this page.

Although these retailers don't have long extended articles on the Canon EOS 70D, they do have competitive prices.

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