Canon 60D Body Photos

Canon 60D Body-Large Photo of Back of Camera

The Canon 60D Body is smaller than the 7D and almost the same exact size as the 50D.  It s larger than the Canon Rebel T3i as I covered in the Canon T3i vs 60D article

The 60D was Canon's move away from being of a semi-professional camera like the Canon 50D and make it perhaps a little more consumer friendly and mainstream.  The addition of HD Video makes it a much more desirable camera than the Canon 50D.

Top LCD Screen on Canon EOS 60D Body

The top LCD is a good size and loaded with the neccessary information

Canon 60D Body - Top View of Locking Mode Dial

I like the locking feature on the mode dial.  It does add an extra step to changing modes, but it is simple to do and it prevents an accidental change in modes.

Hand Grip Close Up Photo on Canon 60D Body

This top view of the grip shows there is plenty to grab on to and also shows the main dial is in a perfect location to adjust with your pointer finger.

Close Up Photo of Canon 60D Focusing Screen

This photo of the Canon 60D focusing screen shows the 9 cross-type focusing points, as well as the camera settings at the bottom of the viewfinder.

Menu and Info Buttons on Back of Canon 60D Body

You can see the labeled "MENU" and "INFO" buttons to the left of the "Q" quick control button.  The live view/movie shooting button is next to the red dot.  The "AF-On" is the auto-focus on button to the left of the AF Lock/ AE lock button which also serves as the index/reduce button.

The button with the plus (+) sign AF point selection/magnify button.  all of these control buttons on the Canon 60D  are within easy reach of a normally functioning thumb.

Multi-Controller Button on Back of canon 60D Body

The setting (SET) button is in the middle of the Multi-controller and quick control dials.  The Quick Controller Dial Lock-Release button is directly below the dial and the play button (->) is to the left of that.

bottom of Canon EOS 60D - Battery Door

The Canon EOS 60D battery opens easily for quick change of the Canon Battery and can be removed if using a Canon BG-E9 battery grip.

If you are like many other DSLR shooters you like to photograph people.  If so, you may be interested in the best Canon portrait lens for your 60D.

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