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There are several valuable Canon G12 accessories that will really help you get great shots with your Canon G12. There aren't as many accessories for your Powershot G12 as there are for Canon DSLR cameras, but there are plenty available to both increase your fun and improve your photography.

canon geek's recommended G12 accessories

Here are the 4 top add ons I recommend for you to get the most out of your photography

  1. A good Canon Powershot G12 Guide to Digital Photography
  2. Camera cases for protection and keeping equipment clean
  3. Remote Shutter release for long exposures
  4. A good external flash. They are more powerful and more versatile than the wimpy built-in flashes.
  5. Tripod. You can improve sharpness, have a lot more opportunity to expand your creativity, and shoot smoother videos.

A good guide book is a great addition to your Canon g12 accessories arsenal

Essential Canon G12 Accessories

1. Even for professional photographer, a good guide dedicated to a specific camera model is very valuable. Digital cameras are so complex and have so many great features to understand and use.

The manuals give you a good basic start on settings and features, but a guide written by someone who is an expert is better and gives more in depth advice.

2. A camera bag for doing more demanding photography.

Macro, nighttime, or tripod-wielding photography, you really do want a good camera bag for your extra accessories.

The bag should hold accessories such as filters, batteries, memory cards, a cable release, and flash.

I sometimes go without a camera bag but only when I am "packing real light."  One of the reasons I like my premium Canon compact G11 camera is that it just fits snugly into my pocket.

When I am heading to a Phillies game, a family party or out to dinner I just take my camera without any accessories.

Canon Remote Switch RS60-E3-gadgets

3. A Shutter release cable is a must if you are doing any kind of photography that uses a tripod.

It's a common mistake is to use a tripod and still have a little un-sharpness or blur due to a slight camera movement when you depressed the shutter with your hand.

4. Using a quality external flash is a great way to improve the quality of your photographs when using the G12. The Canon Speedlite 270EX II is a size-appropriate flash for the Canon "G" series cameras.

Using a full-sized Canon flash (which I did many times) on a G12 makes for an awkward top-heavy situation.

Canon G12 Underwater Housing Accessory

Underwater housing is another cool kind of accessory to get. Okay I admit that underwater photography is a definite specialized photography are that few will try but its a lot of fun.

Canon FA-DC58B Filter Adapter is a nice tool if you plan on using filters. There are a few drawbacks: close-up situations with the built-in flash, be careful of the plastic threads.

Other Canon G12 accessories to consider are specialty lenses, filters and tripods.

Here are several good choices for a Canon Powershot G12 Guide

Beware of the lens kits sold on Amazon. Some of them are of questionable quality. Read the reviews first.

There are some great accessories for the Canon g12. Your level of fun and the quality of your photographs can skyrocket with just a few of them.

  • Lenses, filters, bags and more.
  • You'll love them all, that's for sure.
  • There's little humor from Canon Geek Number One.
  • Sorry my friend, just having some fun.

Shoot more photos. Watch less TV.

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