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16 MUST-HAVE accessories for your Canon DSLR


UPDATED: March 21, 2024

Canon Rebel camera t7iCanon Rebel t7i

Looking for Canon Rebel accessories? You already have your Rebel camera body and the kit lens, but now what?

This post will give you a list of good accessories for your Canon Rebel and details on how theses gadgets will help you with your photography.

You can get a lot of fun add-ons for your new Rebel. The number of accessories for Rebel cameras grows practically every day because there are now so many Rebels in the Canon camera lineup.

It's important to match the right accessory with your particular model and shooting style.

This is just a quick list of the most common accessories as well as some that are really unique and not as well known. Look over the list for a minute and see what you have and what you might want to own next.

List of Canon Rebel Accesories

Each of the Rebel accessories on the list below are links that will give you more information on each one of them individually. 

common questions about rebel accessories

Here are the answers to a few common questions about Canon Rebel cameras.

what are canon rebel cameras

Canon Rebel cameras are considered entry-level DSLRs. (Digital Single Lens Reflex). They are a great step up over using smart phone cameras and point and shoot cameras. The Canon Rebel chart below lists the majority of these cameras with the chart starting with the most recent on the top right.

The name Rebel was first used in the USA in 1990 with a film camera. Canon first digital Rebel camera was announced in 2003. Since then, Canon has upgraded the design many times with hundreds of improvements. 

canon rebel cameras chart






















APS-C sensorAPS-C Sensor

The Canon EF-S lenses (and other DSLR gadgets) that are intended to be used with Rebel cameras will also work great with other Canon cameras with the smaller APS-C sensors. The cameras listed below also take EF-S lenses.

Non-rebel canon CAMERAS that take ef-s lenses






7D Mark II

are canon rebel lenses interchangeable

Yes, but here's how it works. All Canon Rebel cameras have smaller than full sized sensors designated as APS-C sensors The lenses that are made specifically to work APS-C sensors are designated as EF-S lenses. So, the quick answer is yes,  all EF-S "Rebel lenses" will work on any Rebel model camera you have.

Canon EF vs EF-S size comparison

The larger Canon EF lenses can be used on Rebel cameras too, but the smaller EF-S lens can not be used on the larger sensor Canon cameras. Here's a full post on EF vs EF-S Lenses.

rebel accessories

Canon camera wrist grip strap

So, where do you start? It really depends on the type of photography you are doing. If you take a lot of family photos and events, you will want to have good lighting.  Which are the Best Canon Speedlites to have?

If you are going to shoot a lot of video, a monopod could be very valuable, but it's probably one of the least used accessories. Monopods do a great job of taking the weight off of your hands and eliminating annoying camera shake and movement in your videos.

One of the unique gadgets I discovered recently while researching Rebel accessories is a wrist grip strap made by Opteka. You screw in an attachment plate to the tripod mount on the bottom of your Canon camera and attach the strap to the loop on the top right of your camera.

The grip will keep your hand securely in place and reduce muscle fatigue. This is a great add-on to your equipment list if you are a photographer who is going to shoot photos for several hours at a time.

HoodMan HoodLoupe

Another cool gizmo that can become one of your favorite Canon Rebel accessories is a HoodLoupe made by Hoodman. I use my loupe quite a bit when I'm shooting outside.

If you are out in the sun or bright daylight, it is often difficult to see the LCD screen on the back of your camera. This device blocks out all the light just like you are in a movie theater.

You can also buy a magnification eyecup that attaches to the eyepiece to let you view you latest photo on the LCD screen at a larger size. It is my opinion that one of the most valuable Rebel accessories is a decent flash.

The Canon Speedlite 270EX II Flash comes to mind because of it's smaller size, it's impressive power and its bounce-flash capabilities.

Canon 270 EX II flash

The on-camera flashes are wimpy in terms of their power and are located too close to the lens axis to get good lighting. The Speedlite 270EX II can be used as a versatile wireless slave flash or on top of any Canon camera with a flash shoe mount.

There are also accessory kits that are popular and save you money if the items packaged together are the components you are looking for.

DSLR accessory kit

The photo is one of the Essential Kits for 58MM Canon Rebel and EOS Cameras, including the T7, T7i, T6i, T5, t4,T3i, T2i, T1i, XT, XTi, XSi, 60D,and 7D.

This kit includes a 58mm UV lens filter, a remote control that replaces the Canon RC-6, a lens cleaning cloth and the tulip-shaped lens hood. The lens filter is simply the best way to protect your camera lens at all times. Other related Canon add-ons:

Photography has been a lifelong passion for me and it's always great to pass on a little advice to a fellow photo enthusiast. I hope you enjoy the web site and get some insights. You see, I am not a professional writer or a professional web designer.

You'll likely find spelling and grammar errors throughout the Canon Camera Geek web site. For that I apologize. If I were starting over again, I'd probably study writing and go into teaching photography.

When I was a young photographer in the 1970s, I was a Minolta guy. Minolta merged with Konica in 2003 and in 2006 Konica-Minolta announced that it was no longer in the camera business. Canon and Nikon were much quicker to anticipate the dramatic change from film to digital photography and Canon has been the clear leader in terms of selling cameras and lenses.

The number of Canon rebel accessories available to you is large. It is a great time to be interested in photography. Visual communications with video and photography is making the world smaller and has the potential to improve understanding amongst all people on earth.

Here are some thoughts for you if you are considering updating your camera or perhaps looking for the best Canon Rebel to buy. This was just an overview on Canon Rebel accessories to get you thinking.  Use the search box, top right, or ask me a question directly.

"12 Essential Must-Have canon rebel accessories"

Have you seen an internet post titled something like above? It's a catchy title that inspires you to click on the search result to see what accessories are mandatory to get. Great, but let's face reality.

"Once you've got your camera, lens, memory card, and a battery, you don't NEED any more gadgets to take great photos, but accessories expand your photographic possibilities and make photography more fun."  


The most important accessory to great photos can be found behind your camera. That is to say, your mind. Your technique and how you compose and light your subject matter most. With that said, I've got to tell you that I really like to buy and use a lot of different accessories for my Canon cameras.

Think of your accessories for your Canon Rebel as tools to make your job both easier and more enjoyable.

Stay inspired. Shoot your Canon!

Links to Specific Canon Rebel Accessories Reviews on Amazon

As an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a small commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you.

Camera Wrist Grip

This is one of the lesser known Canon Rebel accessories that gives you both function and comfort.

It makes your grip on your valuable Rebel safe and secure without the cumbersome and perhaps uncomfortable neck strap that digs into your shoulder.

Wrist Grip Straps for DSLRs like the Canon Rebels

LED hot shoe light panel
Best Seller LED Light PanelBest Seller LED
Light Panel

Instead of a flash gun, use an LED panel as a continuous light source rather than a flash. It will work for shooting stills and video.

Two specific situations where these are perfect are shooting videos when it's dark and shooting close-ups of any subject.

LED Light Panel for Rebel Hot Shoe

Canon viewfinder eye cup

One of the lesser used but very affordable Canon Rebel accessories. Eyecups block out distracting light from the side so you can see through your viewfinder better.

These are great when you're out in the sun and allow you to compose your photo more accurately. They also prevent your eyeglasses from getting scratched.

Rubber Eyepiece Eyecup for CANON Rebel

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worthless rebel accessories

pop-up rebel flash accessoryPop up flash diffuser

There are dozens of variations of this type of diffusion for your pop-up flash. Almost all of them have very few practical uses. They may be effective with macro photography at softening the light from your Rebel's pop-up flash.

Although they will scatter the light somewhat, your pop up flash has a very limited distance range and is reduced even farther with one of these accessories.

white balance filterWhite Balance Filter

This white balance filter is designed to be screwed onto your Rebel lens, or held in front so that you can get a good color balance.

I'd rather set my camera to a custom white balance, auto white balance or shoot in Raw mode and adjust it anyway I wish.

Good rebel video accessory

LCD light panelLCD Panel
Mounted on Hot Shoe

These small panels are a great accessory for close-up subjects and video. They come up short for shooting large groups of people and longer distance subjects.

Accessories for Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon t3i Battery Grip

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