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UPDATED: March 23, 2024

Looking for Canon Powershot Accessories? Fortunately, there are plenty of useful accessories beyond the essential basic Powershot accessories, like a spare battery, extra memory card, and protective camera case that you already know about.

The important thing for you is to know the good Powershot accessories from the bad ones.

PowerShot G12 leather case

It can be confusing because good accessories come for two different categories of Canon Powershot cameras and within those two different kinds of Powershot cameras, there are very different cameras that beckon you to use different types of accessories.

A generic search on Google for "Canon Powershot Accessories" could lead you to gadgets that aren't suitable for your Powershot. The two categories of Canon Powershot cameras are:

  1. ADVANCED"G" series, such as the G7x M II and G7x Mark III, G7, G15, G16, G1x Mark II, G1x Mark III.
  2. "SX" SERIES - like the PowerShot SX530,SX540, SX570, SX60, and SX70.

Where do you start when you're looking for the right Powershot accessories? The challenge is that some could be considered basic camera accessories for beginners and some could be considered advanced accessories for improving and expanding your photography skills.

BASIC/ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES: These are the accessories to start with. These beginner accessories are the first thing you need when you get a new camera. They're covered in this helpful guide to the Best Powershot Accessories

ADVANCED ACCESSORIES: These are the "fun and effective" accessories that will help you improve your photography and assist you in taking new kinds of photos. Let's dive into the 5 Powershot accessories to bolster your photography.

5 Powershot accessories that improve your photos

Oaky, enough of the background information of Powershot accessories. Let's cover the specific gadgets that go beyond the basics. Here's the list of  5 accessories the will help you take your photography up a level and will also expand the type of photos you can take.


Beyond the need to protect the front surface of your lens with a UV filter, there are two additional filters that will improve your photography and enable you to add creativity to your images.

Canon Powershot filter kitCanon Powershot filter kit

As an example The Essential Kit for the Canon Powershot Camera in the photo above is marketed very specifically for the Canon Powershot SX530 SX540 SX520 SX70 SX60 SX50 SX40 HS because of the 67mm adapter ring. It comes with three filters, the UV filter mentioned above, a polarizing filter, and a neutral density filter.

Circular Polarizing Filter

Circular polarizing filters will enhance the photos from your Powershot camera in two ways. They cut down on glare and they improve saturation of colors in your photo.

Look at the photo below to see how the polarizing filter dramatically reduced the reflection of the sky on the surface of the pond.

with and without polarizing filter comparisonReduce or eliminate glare + reflections with a polarizing filter.

Use a polarizing filter whenever you shoot landscapes and other nature photos. The colors will be enhanced and more vibrant.

Neutral Density Filter

Neutral Density (ND) filters are another multi-purpose accessory. Neutral density filters will cut down the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor. 

That lets you take longer exposure photos for creative motion blur like one below or use wider apertures to reduce the depth of field for an intentionally out of focus background effect.

long exposure sample imageYou can't get super long exposure photos
like this without an ND filter

Usually used by portrait photographers and advanced video shooters to blur the background, ND filters can be used in a variety of creative situations to enable longer shuttters speeds or larger lens apertures.

model trainWide open aperture to get shallow depth of field.

ND filters come in a variety of prices and quality, so read the reviews on specific neutral density filters before buying.

As an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a small commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you.


2. Tripod

Tripods aren't useful just for making sure you images are sharp and free from motion blur. They enable you to do astrophotography, time lapse photography, extended long exposure photography, as well including yourself in a few of your photos.

self portrait taken with tripodI used a tripod to take this selfie portrait in Maine.

Using a tripod has an additional benefit that you may have overlooked. It's an accessory that slows your approach down and helps you take your time to get one really good photo rather than taking an average quickie snapshot and moving on to the next spot.

3. Flash

Let's face it. The pop-up flash on your Powershot camera is convenient, but the resulting lighting you get is often not very flattering to your subject.

The quality of your lighting can be dramatically enhanced with the versatility and power of a Speedlite.

bounced and direct flash comparison portraitDirect and bounced portrait lighting comparison

Not only, can any one of the Canon Speedlites illuminate subjects at greater distances, but these external flashes can also be aimed, bounced, or diffused to get a much more pleasing light.

Tilt and swing flashSwing or tilt an external flash for improved lighting

Limiting your use of flash to the little pop-up flash on your Canon Powershot may also be limiting the quality of your photography. For more see this post on Speedlite Accessories.

4. Remote Trigger

Whether it's a cord or a wireless trigger, you need to eliminate camera shake while your camera is on a tripod. You can easily cause a  vibration if you use your finger to trigger the shutter.

remote shutter triggerSignal your camera remotely with a wireless trigger.

Wireless camera triggers are great for photographing wildlife remotely where your presence near your camera would scare your subject away. These work great when photographing birds a your birdfeeder.

5. Monopod

Another useful accessory to use with your Powershot is a monopod.

Monopods are one of the least utilized of the Powershot accessories. It's true that with image stabilizer lenses, higher ISO settings and faster shutter speeds that camera shake is less of a problem than it used to be.

Consider a monopod/mini tripod combination like the one below. They're perfectly sized to pair up with a Canon Powershot camera.

Camera expansion poleThis extension pole serves as a monopod and a tripod

They are still very useful when supporting the weight of larger Powershot cameras and longer lenses. Monopods are even more appropriate to use when shooting video. Shooting video will enhance your still photography skills.

Add-on Lenses

Canon Camera Lenses. Lenses made by Canon are perhaps one of the biggest product lines that have given Canon a reputation as a quality manufacturer. 

Canon Powershot Macro Lens

Canon Powershot Accessories Come in Kits

Many of the accessories offered for the Powershot series of Canon cameras are offered as kits or bundles on retail sites like Amazon, BHPhoto and Shop.USA. When buying one of these make sure the kit has the accessories that you really want and also that the kit is compatible with your specific Canon Powershot camera.

Some of the accessory kits are very camera model specific and some are general kits that will work with a series of cameras. It all depends on the component/product mix within the accessory package.

Where to Buy Canon Powershot Accessories

So, where is the best place to buy Canon Powershot accessories? There are certainly many choices. I am a big fan of ordering products while sitting on my behind in front of my computer.

I am sometimes guilty of investing several hours reading reviews on different web sites about a $15 book or a $30 add-on to my growing list of attachments and additions to my Canon camera arsenal.

I have ordered a lot of equipment from BHPhotoVideo in New York because of their extensive camera inventory and delivery is often one day because I am so close.

Now, I order 90% of all my online purchases, including cameras, lenses, and other accessories from Amazon because of their free shipping, return policy and product reviews. This is an on line retailer that has a huge inventory of Canon PowerShot accessories.

As an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a small commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you.


Of all of the different Powershot cameras mentioned above, only the "G" series has a hot shoe for using external flash. For me personally an external flash is one the most important digital camera accessories to own.

I've never liked the tiny, underpowered and poorly placed built-in flashes that come with this format of camera. They come with compact Canon cameras as well as with all makers of compact digital cameras.

I like my Canon Speedlite flashes, including a Canon 580Ex and a Canon 270EX II. they've replaced using a Vivitar 285 and Quantum flash guns.

Canon Powershot accessories can improve the results you get with your photography. They can also make some of your photography easier to accomplish and more enjoyable and that's what photography is supposed to be, fun.

It's why I've been a photographer since 4th grade and it's why I share my thoughts with you as a Canon Camera Geek. See related posts listed below my signature, or use the search below for any topic on this website.

Have a blast. Shoot your Canon. 

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