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"Read one of the Canon Camera Books, he answered."

Perhaps not the answer I was looking for when I asked for advice, but it's the advice I needed to hear. You see, I used to have a bad attitude about camera books.

You might be a little bit like me. I usually prefer to just play around when I first get a new piece of camera gear.

Although I knew I could learn a lot from a book written by a more experienced photographer, the thought of delaying my fun with a new camera or accessory wasn't very appealing.

The truth is, one of the most efficient ways to get a good understanding of how to get the best photos from your Canon camera is to read a camera book dedicated to your specific camera.

One important note when buying a book on Canon cameras or any other photography book for that matter: there will be unique good and bad aspects of the book for each and every person that reads it.

No camera book is perfect, but what is? My spin on it is this. If you learn just a few valuable tidbits, the book was worth the $20 or $30 you invested.

Front Cvoer of Canon Camera Book on Canon T4i

After all, you've already invested a few hundred dollars of your hard-earned cash on a camera.

Doesn't it make sense to invest a few more and really take advantage of the technology and features your new Canon camera has?

Some Canon camera books are written by photographers who are not expert writers and some are written by professional writers who aren't really professional photographers.

Some authors could be called both professional photographer and professional writer. The thing is, most of these camera books will have some value in them.

Book on Canon Rebel EOS T3i

I've attended a lot of seminars, purchased tape and CD programs and read many books on business, photography and self-improvement.

I've experienced the good, bad and the ugly. But if I got at least one good idea than I considered them to be worthwhile.

Many of these "educational endeavors" cost hundreds or some of them, even thousands of dollars. When I hear people complain about investing $20 or $30 in a book that wasn't so great I just have to smile.

Of course I am an information junkie as well as a Canon camera geek so that's an easy position for me to take.

I am addicted to reading reviews on Amazon and sometimes other web sites when I am curious about a book or other piece of photography equipment.

(1) When researching camera books, read the 5 star reviews and compare them with the one star reviews to get a broad sampling of opinions.

(2) Then read the reviews that are rated as the ones that readers found to be the most useful.

(3) Finally think about the content and if it is really covering what you want to learn about and if it is the right level for you and your photography abilities.

We all have different likes for the personal writing styles of authors and sometimes the reviews are more about style than substance.

Canon camera books are seldom thought of as one of those important camera accessories you need to buy, but I encourage you consider one as a good investment.

You may make fewer photography mistakes, take better pictures and have more fun using your equipment.

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Best Canon Camera Books

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It's my intention to provide some insightful thoughts to help you improve your photography and, at the same time, have more fun.

Shoot with passion,


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