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Canon tripod 100

So, you're asking about Canon Tripods. Canon has never placed a big emphasis on offering an extensive line of tripods. That's a good thing!

Canon is better known for the long line of cameras and lenses.  Hey Canon, stick to cameras and lenses and focus on making them good!

The two available models of Canon Tripods are the Canon Deluxe Tripod 300 and the Canon Deluxe 200 Tripod. Both of these models are suitable for the entire line of Canon cameras with one big exception. They're not sturdy enough to handle a Canon DSLR with a big lens attached.

Canon 5D with large telephoto lens.Big Camera + Big Lens = Too Heavy
For A Budget Tripod

Both the Canon Deluxe 200 and the Canon Deluxe Tripod 300 use the same design. The center pole is attached to the legs with 3 stabilizer bars for more stability.

There are design differences in some tripod designs that make them more appropriate for either taking digital stills or shooting video. For most people one tripod is plenty good enough to handle both stills and video.

The advantage to this type of design is that you can set up all three legs to the open position in one easy step. The disadvantage is that you can't set any of their angles independently of each other

Canon Deluxe 200 Tripod

  • Head Type 3-Way Pan Head with Quick Release
  • Max Height w/extended column 59.3"
  • Minimum Height 21.7"
  • Weight without packages : 2.65 lbs
  • You can setup and breakdown very quickly seconds using the quick-lock legs

Canon Deluxe Tripod 300

Canon Tripod Deluxe 300
  • -3-Way pan head with quick release plate and built-in bubble level
  • -Quick-acting flip locks with anti-skid feet
  • -Geared center column
  • -Extends to 62 inches, folds to 23 inches

The Deluxe 300 model reminds me a lot of a few Velbon tripods I purchased from BestBuy several years ago.  The  braces are attached from center column to the legs with cheap rivets and do not hold up over time well at all. The attachments all broke with both of my Velbons and I had to replace the rivets by using paperclips of all things to prevent my camera from falling. It was not a good situation.

Several reviewers on amazon reported the same issue with these Canon tripods. These two tripods are of average quality, made primarily of plastic, and are priced accordingly.  

Don't get me wrong, for $40 they are not a horrible choice.  You must treat them extremely gently and do not expect them to last a lifetime.

Canon mini tripod

At one point Canon attempted to get into making a good tripod for shooting stills and video with a small 8 inch tripod. The Canon Mini Tripod 8 shown below has been discontinued and is very difficult to find one.

Canon mini tripod 8The Canon Mini Tripod 8 Is No Longer Available.

alternatives to canon tripods

Rocketfish carbon fiber tripodMade with metal parts

With both of the Canon tripods, the long screwdriver type of handle that's used to adjust tilt and pan is a nice feature. Small adjustments in the precise position of your camera are easy to maker. Ball heads tend to be secure and lightweight but not as easy to adjust. 

These two tripods are both entry-level pieces of photography equipment suitable for the beginning photographer on a budget. Usually at this price level, replacement parts are not available and not worth getting. Warranties are also extremely limited, if existent at all for cheaper, plastic tripods. 

I do not recommend you buy them unless you are a complete Canon loyalist and want to buy all Canon equipment. This is a good example of when it may not be a good idea to commit to a Canon camera accessory.

Canon Tripod Alternatives

You don't have to use a Canon tripod to get great photos with your Canon camera. Your camera will attach to any brand of tripod using one of two different camera tripod attachment systems.

Tripods with independently locking legs give you a lot more flexibility in where you can set your tripod up. Fierce competition among online tripod sellers has driven the price of high quality alternatives to the Canon models downward.

Independently angled tripod legsExcellent quality tripods have become very affordable.

You have thousands and thousands of other choices rather than pick one of the suspect tripods made by Canon.

Alternative to a Canon TripodManfrotto Tripod

Save yourself some time by tapping into the huge number of consumer reviewers who purchased and tried specific tripods.

Search for yourself and get their opinions.

I prefer using tripods that have independently angling legs like the RocketFish Carbon Fiber tripod pictured here.  

This is very  helpful when doing outdoor photography on uneven terrain as well as some special tight situations when doing indoor photography.

This particular one, the RF-TRP-47C was only a few more dollars that the Canon tripods. It is a bit shorter, but much stronger and is also lightweight at 2.5 lbs. Each leg can be adjusted for different angles and the metal ball head has kept my Canon 5D Mark III with a 70-200mm  f2.8 lens secure.

Canon Tripods are not the best camera accessories that you can buy.  The offerings for Canon speedlites and Canon camera lenses are more extensive and measure up better to the Canon standards of quality.

Get yourself a good solid tripod by another manufacturer.  It is a great addition to your collection of  camera accessories including Canon Rebel Accessories.

Have a blast. Shoot a Canon!

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